Bad Traders

Bad Traders

SkinDeep BTRs24-Jan
Status: active
Address: p.o. box 324 arcadia fl 34265
Reporter: Rune_Walsh

Hi agreed to a rather large trade, kept pleading with me to send a portion of the pp I agreed to up front so I ended up $40. That was my fault, what made it worse is that he sent me some terrible looking receipt which, checking with Headshot, he found the website in which he made it. Gave me the tracking number 9066 5609 0140 2496 4651 65 then CP 959 947 677 US. I mean he seemed like a very nice guy over msgs, he constantly would update me, but I guess I learned never to trust someone.

I'd like my $40 back, or the package you agree to so we can complete the trade. I guess I learned not to trust people over the net, regardless of how genuine they seem.

Knight4Chryzt BTRs9-Jan
Status: active
Aliases: Fred Thomas Mashburn, Fred Thomas Miles, Dylan Kehler, Trevor Davis, forgotten_damage Auzrial shadowolf, DarcStar ravun33 Rayne Grason
Address: 5440 Shotgun Trail Crestview Fl 32539 ; 135 Cumberlin Dr Apt 101 Toccoa Ga. 30577; Thomas Mashburn 7857 Macedonia Church Rd. Vale N.C. 28168
Reporter: bill

This Knight4Chryzt account has been identified as Fred Thomas Mashburn. He has made previous account and received bad trader reports for ripping people off:

See previous accounts for history/details:
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Bratley13 BTRs5-Jan
Status: active
Aliases: Brad Gross
Address: 316 Sunset Blvd #2 Blacksburg Va 24060
Reporter: Damon

The original trade we agreed on was for me to buy a 3rd Gen. iPod Nano that had no scratches on it from Bratley13 for $40 concealed cash from me. He sent first and when I received the iPod it had scratches on the screen and chips in the paint. I messaged him letting him know I was not satisfied and would be sending it back, and that he was to cover the shipping costs. He said he would refund me the costs after he received the iPod if I sent him a picture of the postal receipt. I sent out the iPod on Dec 16 and sent him a picture of the receipt. On Dec 19 he messaged me saying he would refund me when he got the iPod back. It has been 17 days since he said that, and 20 days since I sent the iPod out to be returned. I have sent him messages on the trade page and by private message. He has not messaged me back, nor has he signed on since Dec 19. For this BTR to be removed, Bratley13 needs to refund me $2.93 via PayPal. This is $2.24 for the cost of shipping and $0.69 for the cost of the bubble mailer used to ship the iPod back. - gam3r_427
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (9-Jan)
User tried to haggle the price down to half of the initial agreed upon price after receiving. I sent photos of the ipod and the user was expecting pristine condition. The ipod wasn't in bad shape at all. I think the user was just trying to haggle the price down by saying he was going to send it back to me and force me to pay for the shipping back. Nice try, you won't be receiving any payment.

theliercat89 BTRs22-Dec
Status: active
Address: Michael Liermann W6682 Cty E Burnett, WI 53922
Reporter: Simon_Belmont

On Dec 9th, i pended a trade with Michael Liermann (theliercat89) for 3 gamecube games for my $45. He posted pictures in the forum, the discs looked fine. He said they were in decent shape.
Upon receiving the games, 2 of them (Mario Kart Double Dash and Paper Mario) are scratched beyond all recognition. My Wii will not read them.
I sent a complaint on Dec 15th, expressing my concerns, with no answer from Michael. I have emailed him twice, just to get an answer. He has not logged into his account since Dec 14th.
I would like an answer and refund. I will gladly send the items back.
Thank you,
David Radwill
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (2-Jan)
I have just responded to this in the PayPal case you opened as well. I am not sure what you do with your time during December but some of us celebrate Christmas with our families, something I just returned from doing. I am also unsure of your dates right this moment but I can tell you for sure I left for the airport right after I mailed everything out. I'm sorry to say but checking GTZ was sort of low on my priority list during my nice vacation. I'd like to clarify that these games did indeed work before I sent them out, they came right out of my personal collection. I'm not sure if you're trying to use a Wii that's no backwards compatible or what but either way I'll gladly refund your money, just send my games back. It would just be nice to have my reputation speak for itself before you open up all sorts of cases and put me in this situation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year David.

cowens39 BTRs22-Dec
Status: active
Aliases: COLTSINDY18088
Address: Muncie, Indiana,
Reporter: oneluckybullet

User posted here that he had some codes for sale. I messaged user and never received a response. I ran into user on CAG and proceeded with the deal of a 12 month live code and shadow jago code for a 30 dollar amazon gift card. I sent my end and so did he. The first code, shadow jago, worked perfectly. The second code, the 12 month gold live, did not. I figured something was up with xbox and decided to try in the morning. morning came with the same results. I contacted xbox support who informed me that the code was fake. This btr will come down when I receive the 12 month code or 25 dollars back. I dont mind paying the 5 dollars for the jago code as that did work.

update 1-08-14 working with my bank and amzon to refund me. if they do the btr still stays until bill wants me to take it down. this should not be the way to get my money back