Bad Traders

Bad Traders

Neko BTRs14-Aug-2018
Status: active
Reporter: Boss

Loaned money as the others and never paid back. Awaiting a full repayment or a plan.

Snatcher Has Written 1 Review BTRs13-Jun-2018
Status: active
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR as the owner of GameTZ to assure that others are aware of what's going on here. Snatcher had 2 high value (roughly $600 total) overdue pending trades that he apparently didn't intend to resolve. One of them (see other BTR) has now been paid off by Snatcher's father. The other pending with Mexico is still unresolved and it's unclear if it ever will be.

Once Snatcher resolves the pending trade with Mexico, I'd be willing to remove this.

gam3race BTRs17-Feb-2018
Status: active
Reporter: shriek89

We agreed to trade Mario Odyssey for Mario rabbids. I sent Odyssey and then he said he wanted to cancel the trade cause he had it already. I said fine and to send my game back. He kept delaying sending it back and a month later I received Lego Worlds in the mail. I asked him why he sent that game and he starts referring to some third party who I have no idea who is. I just want my game Mario Odyssey back.

Jeremey Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs18-Jan-2018
Status: active
Reporter: Luminous

I agreed on 11/12/17 to send Jeremey a PayPal loan of $370 with a repayment of $450 to be repaid by 12/15/17. I made my payment on 11/12/17. On 12/5/17 he told me he may be a week late, which would have been 12/22/17. On 12/25/17 I received two messages, the first one stating he was going to be another 10 days, then he said 8 days as he was due to be paid on Tuesday 1/2/18. Jeremey stated he would pay me in full that night. I continued to respond to each of his messages. Unfortunately he has not signed into the site since 12/31/17 and I have not been paid. Going by his alleged pay schedule he would have been paid again on 1/16/18 allowing him to possibly pay me back.I even sent a message through the trade and as a PM stating if I heard nothing from him by 1/17/18 I would file a BTR. There was no response from him. There are four (4) other traders that have pending PayPal loans with him as well. It appears he has just taken our money and abandoned the site. I really just want my money back and of course I will then remove the BTR. However this will be most likely the first and last time I EVER do a PayPal loan. Even if the trader returns and pays everyone back (unlikely) everyone needs to be extremely cautious trading with him going forward. It appears he may have overextended himself as he was a good trader here for a long time.

Neko BTRs2-Jan-2018
Status: active
Reporter: PNWlakers

Same as all the other traders...

Loan was promised to be paid back on NOV 10th and SHE continues to make excuses on why SHE can't pay.

I have given HER ample time and options to pay back and we agreed on a repayment plan over 4 months but SHE missed the first payment...

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (2-Jan-2018)
Missed first payment plan due to THPS3 making a claim on paypal which took funds I was going to pay you with and is on hold until whatever is done.

I am also not him, I am a she!