Bad Traders

Bad Traders

Angel_ShindoW Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs18-Sep
Status: active
Address: Cindy Jasmin & Jennifer Lowry 8801 Monticello Drive Apt. 143 Texas City, Texas 77951
Reporter: xmj1

She owes $120 of the payment, only paid $30. It has been more than a year, I've been patience enough. She has offered to pay in small pieces but have not heard from since.

SixClynder BTRs28-Aug
Status: active
Address: 2n278 Argyle St Lombard,Illinois 60148
Reporter: RBK

We had a simple loan agreement that I would send him $35 PayPal for $40 repayment($5 interest) to be sent back in 2 weeks, and the trade was agreed upon July 31st.

Was notified that he was going have some trouble sending the money via PayPal on August 12th and again later on August 14th because they placed a "hold" on his account leading to his account having a negative balance of $100. He proceeded to ask if sending concealed cash was OK and while I told it's not convenient for me, I would still take it of course if he really had to in order to complete the repayment.

I asked for a update on the 19th and was told the same thing, still having trouble getting the funds. Was told again on the 23rd that he was sending the cash on Monday(August 24th), still nothing received on my end. That Monday, he did however send $12 via PayPal stating one of his PayPal issues will be fixed and that he would "hopefully" send the rest that day as well, still nothing. That's pretty much been the last recent update since yesterday, where he told me he would sell a Amazon GC to someone on here to make up the remaining $28 left to pay and I've even offered to help him sell it(didn't agree to it), but communication has been spotty at best. He replies and doesn't answer for hours or even days at times, even when online.

It's not a major amount, but I would obviously have what is owed to me instead of hassling myself for it. Just want the $28 back ASAP and the BTR can be removed.

GamerGirl7224 BTRs27-Apr-2015
Status: active
Aliases: Jane Marie
Address: 2714 S. Cleveland Street Philadelphia PA 19145
Reporter: Dashey

Pended a trade with GamerGirl7224 on April 10, 2015 for her copy of Resident Evil: Revelations for the PlayStation 3. She was looking for PS3 and PS4 games in the forums and I had a factory sealed copy of Bioshock Infinite that I would trade. We both decided to ship out immediately. She said she was going to ship it the next day and I have yet to receive the package as of April 27, 2015. I've sent her multiple messages asking when can she send the package and she never responds. I've started to get suspicious because she's been logging in and just ignoring my messages. I even asked in the forums when was she going to send the package. And of course, she never replied. I am very disappointed because of the fact that she scammed a young person. It even got to the point in which I found her phone number online and I tried to call her but she never responded. I told her last week that if she doesn't send the package or hear back from her, then I would file a BTR on her. Well, here I am. I'm sorry for filing this BTR on you but I've tried to reach you multiple times and you are just ignoring me which is unacceptable. You are older than me and you should know better.

I will try to be as reasonable as possible by providing not 1 but MULTIPLE ways to remove this BTR. I will remove this BTR if you send

1) a factory sealed copy of Bioshock Infinite for the PS3

2) the price I paid for and shipping ($19 + tax + $2.50 shipping = $23.12)

3) Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for the Xbox 360 that is listed on your available list

4) A $20 gift card to one of these places

Best Buy

5) Resident Evil Revelations for the PlayStation 3.

Woodrow1997 BTRs3-Apr-2015
Status: active
Address: unknown
Reporter: bill

Woodrow1997 sold a bad DKTF code to kalamariboy. When people called him on it, he requested his account be deleted.

kalamariboy didn't seem willing to file a BTR for this, so I'm doing it for him to warn other GameTZ traders about the situation.

Woodrow1997 if you want this BTR removed, work something out with kalamariboy to refund him for the bad code you gave him.

Here are 2 topics about the incident:

MightyMushroomGames BTRs10-Mar-2015
Status: active
Address: Bill Midkiff - 10300 NE Stutz Rd. Apt. 33. - Vancouver, WA. 98685
Reporter: JBel4331

MightyMushroomGames sent PayPal for my Dying Light (XBox One) Game. I mailed the game out yesterday and today I received an email from PayPal stating that I have received a payment that we believe may not have been authorized by the PayPal account holder. A little while later they sent another saying that the PayPal Payment had been refunded. I will take this down when I get my PayPal Back.