Bad Traders

Bad Traders

antonio_balt BTRs1-Dec-2002
Status: active
Reporter: haanul

It seems that the trade with gusto7 (Matt Korte), and myself was a planned one to rip off GameTZ users by Antonio. The trade with Killswitch_Engage (Robert G) was a big one, and I guess Antonio decided to sacrifice his reputation for lots of games.

He used a game he received from the trade with Killswitch_Engage as the bait to rip me off. I sent Diablo as soon as the trade was created, and he was supposed to send Alice at the same time.

Obviously, he didn't send his and that's why I'm reporting this. I hope this kind thing will not happen again to anyone in GameTZ.

antonio_balt BTRs1-Dec-2002
Status: active
Reporter: shakeNbake

Agreed to a trade over a month ago and I sent my things to him which he recieved. he does not respond to any e-mails and has never sent my things. I advise everyone not to trade with him as this is his 2nd BTR. I will take mine down if I ever recieve my games.

glorfindel Israel BTRs1-Dec-2002
Status: active
Reporter: stalwart

Not that it would require this additional BTR to show what a character Eyal is... anyway: he approached me with a trade involving an Ultima I by Sierra, which is one of the scarcer releases out there, and I accepted with alacrity. I immediately sent my stuff (Wrath of Denethenor, Wing Commander II + the speech pack which I threw in as a surprise).

He claims my package never arrived, and that he would have sent his side of the deal on schedule. I have since checked with the postal tracking service that my package *did* arrive. Even when confronted with this, Eyal refused to admit that my package was delivered to him.

He then told me that he would soon be able to offer another copy of Ultima I, as he would find 2-3 of them per year. Which is, by all means, impossible! This was, among other things, what got me very suspicious about him, and his shady practices have since been exposed. (see below for the URLs)

Eyal won't respond to my messages anymore, he appears to ignore all attempts to contact him.

I strongly advise not to trade with this guy, in fact everybody should make sure Eyal will never deal in classic software again.

HandyMan BTRs30-Nov-2002
Status: active
Reporter: mister_Tee

We agreed to the following trade: My XBOX system with DVD Remote, NightCaster and Elder Scrolls 3, as well as a demo disc for his Grand Theft Auto 3, Grandia 2, Tony Hawk 3, Onimusha, various complete psx games, 3 anime DVDs and $100 US.

I sent first. He received it and then sent my items. He told me that he didn't have the $100 dollars to send because of a family emergency and that he would compensate by throwing in some items. I received his package. It contained the items to compensate for the $100, as well as most other items excluding grand theft auto 3 and the cases/manuals to the psx games.

It has been 2 months and I haven't received my $100 OR grand theft auto 3 and the cases/manuals. The cases/manuals I could do without but grand theft auto 3 and the $100 were the two most valuable items in the package and the sole reason I would have agreed to the trade in the first place.

We communicated through hotmail and msn messenger fairly regularly throughout the first 3 weeks of our trade and then he started claiming that he wasn't receiving my hotmail messages as well as ignoring me on msn messenger. Once in a while he would contact me with an excuse of why he hasn't been able to ship my stuff as well as a promise to do so. I still haven't received my items.

He has been trading on this site during the whole ordeal as well as listing my stuff in his available list. He has made no attempts to contact me in almost a month.

This Bad Trader Report will stay up until I receive my $100 US, Grand Theft Auto 3 as well as the cases and manuals to the various psx games. I advise that nobody trade with this user because he obviously has no problem ripping people off if they're halfway across the continent.

Josh , if you didn't receive my e-mail a few days ago, it states that I will be pressing charges against you if you don't follow through with your end of the trade agreement.

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs30-Nov-2002
Status: active
Reporter: grass07

Pended on 12.09.2002
Hmmm the fact that he said that he sent my stuff a month ago from Canada, and I have yet to see it, and I have had very fast, smooth trades from other Canadain traders, this is the first one that has gone awry, and also due to the fact that I have heard many bad reports, negative things about this trader, from other traders on gametz and on strongly advice anyone who considers trading with him, to ask him to send first at any cost,if he gives you uh my mom wont let me excuse or I am in the hospital for a operation and I cant send out your game excuse, trust me when I tell you that you have been royally screwed.If anyone knows his current address, email me so I can report him to the Canadian authorities.