Bad Traders

Bad Traders

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs30-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Address: Thunder Bay Ontario
Reporter: grass07

Pended on 12.09.2002
Hmmm the fact that he said that he sent my stuff a month ago from Canada, and I have yet to see it, and I have had very fast, smooth trades from other Canadain traders, this is the first one that has gone awry, and also due to the fact that I have heard many bad reports, negative things about this trader, from other traders on gametz and on strongly advice anyone who considers trading with him, to ask him to send first at any cost,if he gives you uh my mom wont let me excuse or I am in the hospital for a operation and I cant send out your game excuse, trust me when I tell you that you have been royally screwed.If anyone knows his current address, email me so I can report him to the Canadian authorities.

Vengar BTRs29-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Vengar
Address: Wan Beddy P.O. Box 1867 Somerton, Arizona 85350
Reporter: rainbowgirl

We agreed to a trade. He was to send me SNES hookups with 2 controllers and I was to send him 10.00 for it shipped media with delivery confirmation.. We agreed to send at the same time. I sent him a Postal money order on 10/29
I hadn't heard from him or received anything by 11/12 so i emailed him about it, and he emailed me back and said he had sent them and was still waiting on the money order. I said okay.
I emailed him again 11/21 and said I still hadn't recieved the items and asked him for the d/c # and also asked him if he had received the money order yet. He emailed me back and said he hadn't received the m.o. yet. He didn't mention the d/c # so I emailed him back and asked him for the d/c # and he said he'd left it at home and would email it to me tomorrow 11/22
I then told him I had been to the P.O. that day and they had told me the m.o. had been cashed on 11/14. He said someone in his family must have cashed it and he would find out about it when he got home as he was in school. I said that since the envelope and the m.o. had been in his name, I didn't know how someone else could have cashed it. He said he and his father had the same name and his father probably cashed it.
I said I really needed the d/c # so it would prove to me he'd send the items or I'd have to file a BTR on him. He emailed me back and said he had sent them and that he was highly insulted that I'd give him a BTR as he'd never ripped anyone off, (he only has 3 completed trades). He said he would send me the d/c # on 11/22 for sure. I said fine, and told him I had no intention of giving him a BTR if he could prove he'd sent it. 11/22 came and no package in the mail and he didn't email me the d/c #
so i emailed him one more time and told him I'd give him til the following friday 11/29 for me to either receive the package or a d/c number. I received no response. I noticed he'd signed onto gametz 11/25 and still no response.
I checked the mail today, and no package has arrived yet.
Juan, when I recieve either my 10.00 back or the SNES hookups and 2 controllers, i'll remove this BTR, until then it stays up.
update 12/2/0002

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs28-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Address: Somewhere in canada, too lazy to look for it...
Reporter: DrizzDrizzDrizz

Trade pended July 31, 2002.
I sent him $11, and was supposed to receive Gran Turismo and Final Fight.
He ripped me off, but at least he finally admitted it and stopped pretending he sent after months of lying. Whatever, I don't really care, and it's not like this BTR matters, only an idiot would still wanna trade with him, but I like having reported a BTR on someone and have it stay there raspberry

2011 update:

the wounds just will not heal. I have assembled an elite squad to track and subsequently take him down.

2018 update:

I thought I could get over it. I was wrong. The hunt is on.

Todd BTRs27-Nov-2002
Status: active
Address: P.O. Box 166358 UCF, Lake CLaire,FL
Reporter: FastHack_M

We both agreed I would send a money order for $26.50 and he would send me IceWindDale2. Over 3 weeks ago I sent him the money order. He has not sent me the game or responded to my emails. I was ripped off.

glorfindel Israel BTRs26-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Eyal Katz,David Wolf,Avi,glorfindel god
Address: Izhak Elhanan 10A, PO BOX 2523, Ramat Hasharon, ISRAEL, ZIP CODE 47218
Reporter: Sauron

Well, what more to add, I don't think the whole thing will ever be solved against this real robber. However, everything was explained very well here and on several other pages and my story is the same of my fellow traders here below.
Some other infos here:

My trade was created on 10th of September. It was my Gabriel Knight 1 + Privateer + The hobbit for his Ultima I.

I've contacted Israeli Police website but received no reply at present day.