Bad Traders

Bad Traders

LeisureSuitLarry Canada BTRs28-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Address: Somewhere in canada, too lazy to look for it...
Reporter: DrizzDrizzDrizz

Trade pended July 31, 2002.
I sent him $11, and was supposed to receive Gran Turismo and Final Fight.
He ripped me off, but at least he finally admitted it and stopped pretending he sent after months of lying. Whatever, I don't really care, and it's not like this BTR matters, only an idiot would still wanna trade with him, but I like having reported a BTR on someone and have it stay there raspberry

2011 update:

the wounds just will not heal. I have assembled an elite squad to track and subsequently take him down.

Todd BTRs27-Nov-2002
Status: active
Address: P.O. Box 166358 UCF, Lake CLaire,FL
Reporter: FastHack_M

We both agreed I would send a money order for $26.50 and he would send me IceWindDale2. Over 3 weeks ago I sent him the money order. He has not sent me the game or responded to my emails. I was ripped off.

glorfindel Israel BTRs26-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Eyal Katz,David Wolf,Avi,glorfindel god
Address: Izhak Elhanan 10A, PO BOX 2523, Ramat Hasharon, ISRAEL, ZIP CODE 47218
Reporter: Sauron

Well, what more to add, I don't think the whole thing will ever be solved against this real robber. However, everything was explained very well here and on several other pages and my story is the same of my fellow traders here below.
Some other infos here:

My trade was created on 10th of September. It was my Gabriel Knight 1 + Privateer + The hobbit for his Ultima I.

I've contacted Israeli Police website but received no reply at present day.

gametrader000 BTRs23-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: gametrader000
Address: 336 Mason blvd., Staten island, NY. 10309
Reporter: ScreamingSlave

He seemed like a great guy, so we made a deal where i send him Vice City for Mechassault. We were both suppose to send the game out on a Tuesday, and so I did. I sent him comformation that I did so and he sent me nothing. After days of no contact from him (and me asking what the deal is with the silence) he deletes the trade post. So no HE has my brand new, sealed, unopened copy of Vice City and I've got nothing. Who knows if he sent it or ever planned on sending it. All i know is i better get my game back or Mechassault.

Hobbies4Us BTRs23-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: hobbies4us
Reporter: balbnis

We had a deal to. I was supposed to get panzer dragoon saga and i sent him the $65 he asked for. we pended the trade he took my money and never sent me the game. i email him and now the email account is closed. be careful this guy has ripped off many others.