Bad Traders

Bad Traders

Jbad_Machine BTRs30-Mar-2001
Status: active
Address: james keller 2723 east 2nd place lubbock, texas 79403
Reporter: Y2k

james and i made a deal at the end of january involving my gran turismo 2, wcw nitro, and some wrestling action figures in exchange for his dC memory card, beavis and butthead tv talkers and $25 USD.

the talkers and memory card arrived in good time, but the $25 was absent from the package. i e-mailed him to see what was up with that and was told he was a little low on cash and he would send it in a couple weeks. this was no problem for me so i shipped out his stuff, which he recieved.

a few weeks passed so i wrote to see what was going on with the cash. i was told he was getting some paypal money and he'd send later that week. cool. not cool...nothing showed for a few more weeks so i wrote once again to see what was happening. no reply. i caught him in chat and he said he got the e-mail and disappeared. i wrote again to find out. still no reply. it's now been several weeks and i have gotten no feedback from him at all in regards to the money so i guess i need to post this.

i'll take this down when the money shows up. here's my address for reference:

scott McDougal
box 4
Giroux, Manitoba
R0A 0N0

some communication would have prevented this report. i tend to be a very patient and understanding trader. it doesn't help that he has so many pending deals made since that involve cash on his part.


today, april 17th, i've decided to edit the ratings i gave him when i expected he would hold up his end and ship the cash. seeing as how he is logging on often again, he is obviously aware of this and has taken no action to correct it. it's too bad since half the deal showed up in great time and he has only lagged poorly on the cash part of it with no explanation or e-mails.

Anarchykil BTRs29-Mar-2001
Status: active
Address: PO Box 516, St. Boni, MN, 55375, USA
Reporter: mestevron

I sent him payment almost 2 months ago and have not received my games. I have sent many emails and have not received any reply at all.

Xeonite Canada BTRs29-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Xenonite
Email: removed
Address: 10-8716 Walnut Grove Drive, Langley BC, V1M 2K2, Canada
Reporter: CrOnO

probably the biggest liar and scam at UGTZ....i sent to this guy in January..still no package from his till this day, which is March 29, 2001....almost 3 full months now....he said that it got stuck in customs..then he said he sent another one out...yea it all is people :

Fist i complained it didnt arrive after 2 months-

"This is getting unbelievable man. I am tracking it with Canada Post right
now. they told me it got held up at Customs and it should be on it's way. If
it doesn't reach you by Monday I will start harassing them again.
Sorry about all of this. It really sucks."


then i complained again..and here is what i got:

"Hey, listen man. I'm not the fudging post office alright! All I can do is listen to their half assed answers and pass them on to you. That's all I have! What the hell you want me to lie and say some crap about how it is being held up because of a bomb scare and it will be there in a few more days!?
I can't give you any "solid answers" because they haven't given me any. I am an excellent trader and my track record speaks for itself. I understand it sucks to wait but quite frankly you can take your questions about my credibility and shove them up your ass. I'm doing all I can man. Stop being an ass. I have been honest and up front with you on everything this far. if I was trying to rip you off I would have just told you your crap never showed. And I sure as hell would not have continued to keep you informed as to the state of our trade.

I have had packages held up for weeks and once I had my package in customs for a month and a half! It sucked ass but I never started being a fudging jerk and pointing fingers at the person I was trading with. Don't even bother emailing me again with your accusations without any basis of fact. You have no reason to believe I am a scammer trying to "take you" on this swap. I will not tolerate that crap again.

I am working with on this the best I can. You have to understand how hard it is to track a package, across country, without a tracking number. Why don't you start checking with your local postal outlet and see if they have anything in their system with your name on it? It might help me out a little here. Unless of coarse you would rather impede my ability to help you with this and just send me another ignorant ass hole email like the last one. That's really professional and I feel it really helps out this situation. "

Then it went on for that for like 5 emails...finally we reached common ground..and he agreed to send again :

"I'm biting the bullet here and re-sending. It will be out tomorrow or

Let me know as soon as it shows...or when either of them show for that

Soon after that, his friend disguised as a guy who thought he was being ripped off by Xenonite asked me what i thought about him and how our trade was goin.i simply stated that it wasnt going good and that i just wish the trade was over with...and that i was waiting for his second shipment...of course the guy told on me....Xenonite informed me that he would not send me my packages now and that he doesnt care that i didnt get the package..and that he wants nothing to do with me now....well folks.u have the whoel stor..u can email me if you wanna hear anything else..cause im sure i left out some stuff here.all i want is my just sick of these jokers online...


gamegod_dante BTRs29-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Leo Winslow,Brandon Nordquist, Akuma_666, dtabcn_2
Emails: , and I highly suspect (although not confirmed)
Address: 4106 NE Pacific Hwy Vancouver, WA 98662
Reporter: Chad

We agreed to trade my Tomb Raider 3 for his Smackdown! I sent mine off but did not receive his. Trade was conducted off-site prior to my joining gtz.

Saltman4u BTRs29-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: saltman4u
Address: korey dotson 4782 glyndon dr. bluefeild west virginia
Reporter: Sk8ter07


we made a trade for ps2 and he said he would be out and i sent it to this adresswithout knowing i sent him PSX, Dreamcast, THPS1 ANDTHPS 2(both psx), RE3, Blasto, 007 World IS Not Enough, Sonic Adv. Dreamcast and psx RFUS to korey dotson 1208 edenham ct#102 virginia beach va 2346. then i talk to him and he says i didnt get it and i tell him where i sent it and he says oh i well you might get your stuff back so i will take this off when he gives me his PS2.