Bad Traders

Bad Traders

gamegod_dante BTRs12-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Lynn Clancy, Al Winslow
Address: Al Winslow; 4106 NE Pacific Way; Vancouver, Washington 98662
Reporter: gomer1985

On Monday the 5th of February we were supposed to send our trades. I sent mine. He supposedly sent his on the same day, but the game is still not here. He has other pending trades that date back to over a month. I am now pursuing further action against him.

NeoBomberman Bulgaria BTRs11-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Neobomberman, neogeoking, astrozombie
Reporter: SnKDeViL

Ok, Now he has a new user name, but same email address, what do you think I am not going to try and find you?? I will not leave you alone, ever, I want my games, the metal slug 1 and 2, or I want my plastation 2 back, who ever reads this, DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS PERSON!!!!! He is a scam artist and ripoff person

kirkangel Canada BTRs9-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Kirkangel
Address: something snowshoe cres Ontario Canada
Reporter: SSJJ3

Cause he stole my Donkey Kong 3, Primal Rage, and Yoshi's Cookie. I supposed to get Perfect Dark in return.

FordumRoad BTRs6-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Fordumroad
Reporter: Staraang

He offered me Xenogears for $26.50. I paid him first by money order. I had him send the game to my parents' house in Florida (I live in NC). I called my father when he received the game and he informed me that one CD was scratched heavily and the other was cracked. When I asked him about it, he denied it and suggested that I or, even worse, my father broke it even though I was 600 miles away from the game. First of all, why would I break a game that I paid for? Second, the game was well packed so there's no way it could've been broken during shipping.

JAMS33 BTRs6-Mar-2001
Status: active
Aliases: jams33
Reporter: JohnADaniels

This guy e-mail me wanting to trade my Outlaws for his Jedi Knight.

He wanted me to e-mail first because he had 2 more trades than me.

I sent Outlaws out the same day. I waited a little over 2 weeks

and never hear back from him so I e-mailed him. He e-mailed me back

The following:

16 Feb 2001

"yes i have received it, i was on vacation and just got back
today so i will send jedi knight out to you....."

I have since e-mailed him asking where the game was but no reply.

Trading games is supposed to be fun, WHO WANTS TO WAIT A MONTH TO RECIEVE A TRADE????????????????????????????????????

Still waiting on this guy to send the game or answer my e-mail!!!!!!

Update 03/09/01: Called Jamie at his house and he said he would send the game out.

I do not know why he has waited this long to send the game???????

He recieved Outlaws on 02/16/01 and said he would send out the game.

Here it is 03/09/01 and the game is just being sent after 21 days after he recieved my game. And to top it off I had to call him at his house for him to send it, if he is even going to do that.

We will see.

April 18, 2001 The game finally arrived Wednesday, with no box no instructions. Worst trade of my life, DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!