Bad Traders

Bad Traders

reegan13 BTRs6-Aug-2007
Status: active
Address: 14902 West Main Cut Off, LA 70345
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this Bad Trader Report to warn all the pending trades of reegan13.

Please take a look at reegan13's 4 pending trades. They are all for the same game: "Fable: The Lost Chapters". And, in every case reegan13 has convinced each of you to send first.

This situation screams "SCAMMER!"

reegan13 is a new trader with zero reputation here. Please reconsider what you're doing.

[ EDIT - In reaction to your response. That's all words. The fact is, none of us know you. What you're doing is very suspicious. Why do you need 4 copies of the same game? What is the big rush (suck that you can't send first)?

It all sounds like a big story to try to get people to send you stuff without you having to send anything. It's a setup to rip a lot of people off and leave. You may be telling the truth, but other people would be foolish to believe you. They're taking a risk with someone they don't know. Odds are, you're a scammer. We've seen scammers do just what you're doing here in the past. ]

[ You should send first, not these other traders. Anyone sending first to you is taking an unnecessary risk. You have to earn trust here. ]
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (6-Aug-2007)
If you want me to i'll cancle all but one of the trades if its that big of a deal,but i would still like for them to send first.

JetsFan1 BTRs31-Jul-2007
Status: active
Address: 94 Village Green Bardonia, NY 10954
Reporter: davidpuddey

To start I never kept any game from him. Sent his back. Wanted other half and would send back college that i gave him back. Advised I no longer had game happened out of my control. Said I would give him Crackdown. Accepted. Sent him Crackdown and is not sending me college. So now I wind up with one game and I gave him two.

He is now filing a BTR on me because I won't remove his.
I offered him to send one of my games back or value in 20 dollars and he said no. This guy is a scammer. I have emails documenting everything. He still has three games to my one. He has not resolved this matter.

calvin_leonhart Canada BTRs29-Jul-2007
Status: active
Address: 405 Toronto St. Winnipeg, MB R3G1S4 CANADA
Reporter: JCBaby

We agreed for Calvin to send his FFXII for my Jade Empire Lmt Ed. It's been over a month now. I've left two messages and sent two e-mails. No reply. I will take this off as soon as we complete the trade.

CrazyEights BTRs27-Jul-2007
Status: active
Address: 1743 Threatt Park Lane Lancaster, SC 29720
Reporter: dhallmu

I made a deal with Bobby on the 7th of July for a nintendo 64 console with a couple of games I paid Bobby the next day and was expecting the system to be sent out in a timely fashion. Since then it seems Bobby has dropped off the face of the Earth, he has not responded to any emails and from the looks of things he is doing the same thing to several other people. Today is the 27th of July and so far no system, no emails.

brookjeff BTRs24-Jul-2007
Status: active
Aliases: jeff perry brookjeff blood_ill_tempered
Address: 212 marilyn dr. Jasper , TN
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR to let all the people with pending trades with gamergirl1982 that we just discovered that gamergirl1982 lives at the same address as brookjeff (an old account with a BTR and an old pending that looks like it should also be a BTR.

So, it looks pretty clear that brookjeff / gamergirl1982 are scammers.

Hopefully, you didn't send first to them, right? Because we warned you not to send first to account without a reputation and you always listen to our warnings, right?

If you haven't sent, you can probably just cancel the trade. If you have, you may want to call the police in Jasper, TN and file a complaint with them.