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Bad Trader Reports on lexicon

lexicon BTRs30-Jun-2007
Status: active
Address: 761 Bassett Drive, Chambersburg, PA 17201
Reporter: ducci

Trade was agreed upon on 5/31/07. I sent out my side of the deal first the following day - 6/1/07, tracking number included. Item was delivered on 6/4/07, lexicon acknowledged he received the package on 6/5/07.

After a week passed with no further action regarding him sending his part of the bargain, I sent a notice inquiring about it (6/11/07). He responded the next day saying he forgot, and that he would ship it ASAP express. Another week passed with no notice from him, so I sent yet another inquiry (6/18/07).

The next day he said he would send, yet again. On 6/21/07 he posted that he sent the package, yet listed no tracking number for it. On 6/26/07 I inquired a third and final time about it, and have yet to get any response whatsoever. It is now almost 1 month since he received my game.