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Bad Trader Reports on tj62496

tj62496 BTRs3-Dec-2006
Status: active
Address: 418 GrandView Drive FleetWood, PA 19522
Reporter: Moonenites

I sent out my items, one of my first trades here actually, on October 7, 2006. He recieved my item on October 17, 2006 and i have NOT anything from him since then it is now December 03, 2006...i fear that my Vanguard bandits is gone forever and just want it back or the promised discworld II. Please send me my item and i will remove this..Thank you.

He sent me a package but there was something up with the post office where i didn't get got returned to him and he said he would send out again this was on January 18th. and it's now Feburary 21st. I still have nothing..this was one of my first trades here..i just want my stuff. Giving him the benefit of the doubt though.. and hoping he will pull thru within the next few months..heh.