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phatshooter360 BTRs3-May-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Alex Gonzalez
Address: 93 Denver Ave. Bridgeport, CT 06605
Reporter: 60sTrackStar

I hate to file this on such a measly trade but this guy still has not payed back my loan after 5 weeks.

This trade was for a loan for $5 to be repaid back $9 thru paypal. I lent it to him on March 24th to be repaid back March 26th after Alex was to be paid off for an auction. He told me the seller still didn't pay on the 29th of March and asked if he could send a money order in which case I said it was ok. I even said that I was feeling generous and that he would only have to repay me back my original $5 + pp fees (46 cents).
I didn't hear from him for almost 3 weeks or get anything in the mail from him until I messaged him on April 18th threatening a BTR. He again responded that he never got the payment from the ebay auction and that he would be sending a money order.
Again I sent a message on May 1st asking where my money was and threatened to file a BTR.
It is now May 3rd and almost 6 weeks to when our trade was pended and I still have not received my end.
This will go down when I receive my side of the trade for the original $9 we agreed to.