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Bad Trader Reports on Recboy

Recboy BTRs10-Feb-2009
Status: active
Reporter: Indy1988

I was supposed to get a $30 money order from Recboy in exchange for my Nintendo DS. He received my package to him on January 22nd, 2009. He claims to have sent the money order on January 24th, 2009. I still haven't got the money order yet. He did ask if I got the money order on January 30th, 2009, and I replied that I haven't. I do not know what happened, but I should've got my money order before now. I will delete this BTR once one of these two conditions have been met:

1. He sends back the Nintendo DS that I shipped for him, including the battery recharger.
2. I see my $30 money order in the mail.

P.S. - I don't know for sure if this is true, but I read in a deleted BTR that Recboy's brother checks the same account. Tell Recboy that his brother needs to stay off of the account! I believe that that account needs to be for that particular person only!

UPDATE: I still haven't got anything. This BTR will still hang on Recboy if he doesn't do one of the demands above.

Recboy BTRs1-Feb-2009
Status: active
Reporter: wfg97079

I am having issue with a trade I made with Recboy. The PS3 that I got
from him has been banned from the playstation network for severe
violations of Sony's policies. This was not disclosed and makes the
system worth substantially less than what I traded for. After consulting with a MOD I have offered a compromise of him sending back the games and keeping the cash. I got this vulgar response:

"Go ahead you and the gay ass mods can suck my Dick!
hows the for sufficient you little F.a.g.g.o.t.
Fudge the Censors"

I have filed a dispute with paypal, looks like several folks on here are having an issue with RECBOY