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hotgamerchick BTRs14-May-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Brandi F.
Address: Brandi F C/O Johnny M 212 W. Ironwood Dr. Ste D PMB 329 Coeur D Alene, Id. 83
Reporter: TerrHeel

Brandi and I made a deal that stemmed from a post she made in both the Vintage and General Marketplace forums. We negotiated a bit via private messages, the forums, and the offer system, and ended up deciding that I would receive a large Virtual Boy lot for $110. In her post, Brandi promised a free iPod to the first two people to buy over $50 worth of stuff, and I was one of them, as she clearly stated. I received the box of Virtual Boy stuff in a timely manner and all items were as described. However, the iPod was not there. I questioned her about it, and she told me that she forgot it and would send it right out. Over a week later I still hadn't received it, so again I questioned her, and she apologized and said things had been busy, but she would try to get it out soon. Not only has she not sent it out, but she has not responded to any of my messages regarding the matter, leading me to believe that I will never be receiving the last part of our deal. I will be happy to take this BTR down upon receipt of the iPod, or of a partial cash refund of $30, which I believe is more than fair. Until then, it will remain up, and I hope Brandi will demonstrate more character than she has to this point. It's a sad comment on a person that they would make a promise and intentionally not come through on it. Do the right thing.