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Wienerschnitzel BTRs21-Jul-2010
Status: active
Reporter: Smiley

I started a trade with Wienerschnitzel as my "just cause 2" (xbox360) for his "splintercell: conviction" (xbox360) both send immediately with delivery confirmation, he then counter offered the trade for me sending first and he preaccepted, I then proceeded to send the game and gave him the tracking number for it which i forgot a zero on, it was corrected upon realization. I never heard from Wienerschnitzel outside of that counter offer and am very dissapointed in getting ripped off. All in all I would like my game back promptly and any further action against Isaiah deemed necessary, thank you.

Wienerschnitzel BTRs16-Jul-2010
Status: active
Reporter: iamtwan

For me the drop this BTR at this point I want ALL of my games and guide back in the SAME excellent condition I sent them in.


Wienerschnitzel really disappointed man. You have tons of feedback and i truly do believe behind all this your intentions arent bad. HOWEVER, you've handled this completely wrong....

Trade consisted of me selling Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell Conviction and Fallout 3 GOTY edition w/GOTY edition Guide to Wienerschnitzel for $100 Postal Money Order

June 6th - The offer was created and both parties accepted
June 7th - I ship all the games and guide Next Day via FedEx. I mark shipped and add Delivery Conformation.
June 9th - Wienerschnitzel acknowledges that he received the games but has been sick which is why he hasnt marked as received. He also notes he will be sending his GF out the next day to send the M.O.
June 12th - He marks Received and Sent but adds NO Delivery Conformation for the M.O.
June 18th - I contact him letting him know i havent recevied the M.O. and ask if he has a Tracking Number. He acknowledges that hes not sure if his GF got a tracking number when she "sent" the M.O.
June 18th through 22nd - We exchanged messages on what possibly may have happened the M.O. seeing as we live on the same coast and same state. He states that if it doesnt show up soon he will just use his GF paypal account to pay me.
June 22nd - He states he will just go get a refund and proceeds to send me PayPal.
June 24th - I acknowledge i recevied the PayPal and complete the trade.
June 25th - I contact Wienerschnitzel letting him know I was have been contacted by PayPal that his GF has filed a charge back claim and they have taken the money from my account and put it on a "Hold" status.
June 25th - His exact message/reply: "Yeah she did some scandalous crap, didn't think she would do that, let me see wtf is going on with this broad." I then proceed to ask him to take care of this ASAP.
June 27th - He asks me to forward him the email i received from paypal so he can try and figure things out. He states that hes sorry this has happened and that they had broken up the day after she sent the PayPal.
June 30th - I forward him the email after some hesitation. He writes back that he needs to give some info to get the claim in my favor but isnt sure what.
July 1st - I inform him i recevied another email from paypal that they opened another claim, this time coming from her Credit Card. I proceed to inform him i dont believe this will end in my favor and i dont feel i should have to fight for my money. I let him know i believe him and i understand hes going through some stuff but it doesnt help the situation/issue at hand. I give him some options id like to see happen ASAP...Have his GF drop the claim asap for good or send me the $100 from himself and not someone else or he send me his games back.
July 1st - He writes back that he will talk to his GF and if she wont cooperate that he will resend the money.
July 2nd - I thank him and stress that i really appreciate it.
July 3rd - He writes that his GF agreed to "resend" the paypal and that she will do it mid next week when she returns from out of town.
July 8th - I inform him its past mid week and i still have not received anything. Ask whats going on....
July 10th - I again ask for an update and give him a deadline for when i either need my all my games back or the money by the end of Friday the July 16th otherwise im unfortunately going to have to file a BTR.
July 11th - He writes me saying his girlfriend "told him" she re-sent it Thursday (July 8th). He states he has a "receipt" with my email on it so hes not sure why i havent gotten it.
July 11th - I reply that I have NOT recevied ANY PayPal money whatsoever and that he and his GF must be mistaken. I also state I would love to see this "receipt" he speaks of.
July 14th - I write that I havent heard from him and ask if hes sending my games back?

As of today his Profile says he has not logged in since July 13 (3 days ago).

I really just feel like Wienerschnitzel has not dealt with this with the urgency you should have when you owe someone money, especially over this long period of time. I understand he stated he was going through some stuff and I gave plenty of time...however make it right yourself man, dont bring your gf or ex gf now into this.

As it stands today its been over a month and I do not have my games or money and i owe PayPal $100. Im sick of his BS with all this PayPal stuff.

To top it all off he/gf didnt even originally gift the paypal, so i didnt even get $ was more like $96...i suppose that doesnt matter though since they took it anyway.