Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Assasin417

Assasin417 BTRs26-Aug-2010
Status: active
Reporter: Ryan

I sent my side out first since at the time I had no stars. He received June 14th, but still hasn't paid me in full. He currently owes me $4. He has been constantly ignoring my messages, and I have been lenient with not filing a BTR, but enough is enough. I would just like the $4 you owe me and I will take down the BTR.

Assasin417 BTRs30-Jun-2010
Status: active
Reporter: lospunchados

We had an agreed deal for Galactic Crusader (Nes) for TMNT tournament fighters (snes).

I agreed to send it first, did and he then claimed to have sent it. Then about 2 weeks later he contacted me and said none of his packages he sent out when he sent mine ever arrived. He said he had to compensate everyone for this. I said allright and he never got back to me.

I then sent another message asking what he would like to do to resolve this, never got a response.

He needs to contact me and figure out what can be done to remove the BTR as i would like the game i am owed.