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Bad Trader Reports on JoshLisa130405

JoshLisa130405 BTRs25-Feb-2010
Status: active
Email: removed
Address: .
Reporter: bill

I'm submitting this BTR to notify all of JoshLisa130405's pendings.

JoshLisa130405 has been acting very strangly and we're getting complaints about him from a lot of people. Many of our more experienced traders are seriously worried that people will get ripped off given how JoshLisa130405 is acting. He has canceled a lot of trades with odd reasons. He has made auctions for stuff he already had pending out to other traders. He's changing his prices in his auctions after posting them. That was just today. There were past complaints too. JoshLisa130405 seems kind of out of control.

I've suspended JoshLisa130405's account (again). I doubt we'll let him back now.

If you have a pending with him, I recommend that you be cautious here. If you haven't sent, maybe it's best to just cancel. I can help you cancel the trade (PM bill). If you still want to do the trade, then please don't send first. It just seems too risky. Given that JoshLisa130405 is suspended, maybe you can complete the trade by email.

If you have a partly completed trade with JoshLisa130405, lets just work on getting it resolved. Email mods if you need help.