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BlissBoy BTRs12-May-2010
Status: active
Aliases: BlissBoy1234
Address: 649 Mercardo ct. Kissimmee, Florida 34758-3906
Reporter: MassEffect60

On 1 Apr. I agreed to trade BlissBoy1234 my Dreamcast memory card for $8.00.
A few days later he asked if I would send first if he would include Xenosaga in the deal.
I foolishly agreed.
He received on 11 Apr.
Since then I have had repeated promises from BlissBoy1234 that he would send my side of the offer. He even offered to send GTA 3 as an add in to make up for his delays.
I have been very patient, but finally gave him an ultimatum on 7 May that he send by the end of that week.
He agreed, but did not send.
I extended the deadline to the 11th, but he still did not send.
I don't know why he would ruin his reputation over $8.00, but that is exactly what he has done.
I will remove this BTR if/when he sends me the money and the games and they are in good working condition.

Joe Thompson

In reply to BlissBoy-yes, his name is not Spencer. I got his first name confused with another trader and corrected it this afternoon before i even saw his reply. BlissBoy doesn't have his real name posted on the account.

Gamejammer did indeed CONTACT ME about my pending trade with BlissBoy, but he decided to cancel on his own. He just asked me the status of my trade and i said that i had been patient with BlissBoy but that my patience was coming to an end and i would be forced to file a BTR if he did not send soon. I didn't set out to try and sabotage BlissBoy but i don't think he understands that reputation is everything here. Of course traders ask other traders they know questions about traders with canceled or long-pending trades! That is why we have developed a network based upon reputation and trust! Gamejammer and i had a relationship based upon a past trade, so I'm not going to lie to him. That would go against everything our GTZ reputation stands for.

BlissBoy- your address is on there because the BTR form asked for it! It is a reasonable and normal part of the process of filing a BTR. The idea is that a Bad Trader can easily change his user-name but not easily change his address. This is to protect other traders from making trades with the Bad Trader unknowingly. It has been posted on your other BTR for more than a week now and you haven't said a word. Why blame me for GTZ procedures?

Update June 17th:
BlissBoy and I reached an agreement that he would be given an additional month, until June 17th, to send me the eight dollars cash or a ps3/360 game of equilavent value. He was fully informed that if he did not meet his end of the bargain the BTR would go back up. Since he failed to send me the cash I am re-filing the BTR. I know times are tough, but a deal is a deal.

Update June 18th: So now that i have put the BTR BlissBoy contact me and says that the items he sent were worth eight dollars. First off, these items were trashed, secondly one of them was an incentive he threw into the deal after it was agreed upon to encourage me to send first, to which i foolishly agreed. The second item he threw in as an apology to try and save his reputation. BUT HE NEVER SENT ME WHAT WE AGREED UPON! I would never have made the trade for the items i ended up with!

But that is not what is really upsetting. I know that I will likely never receive my eight dollars and that this guy is an immature child. What really bothers me is that he replied on this BTR page that i should get snuffed. I presume that means that i should be ripped off for the audacity of calling him on his poor behavior and failure to live up to his end of the trade. I was really patient with this guy for 2 and a half months, giving him multiple opportunities, options and time to live up to his end of the bargain and this is what i end up with?!!!!! Everyone should avoid this trader at all costs as it is obvious that he does not understand or respect the GTZ rules or his fellow traders.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (18-Jun-2010)
My name isn't Spencer. Secondly, everything that BIGDADDYJWT said is true. I have nothing to say against his claims because I did tell him time, after time again I would send. I even offered him games with the $8.00 because he was so patient. Although BIGDADDYJWT has a legitimate argument, he has also done something that displeased me. I had pended a trade with a user named, "gamejammer". Me, and gamejammer were exchanging Dragonquest VIII (from me) for Star Ocean. BIGDADDYJWT decided to be a snake, and persuaded Gamejammer to cancel the trade he had going with me. I know BIGDADDYJWT might of been upset, but he had no reason to go and include himself with my other trades. The trades I pend with people are between me, and them. He doesn't have the right to input his ideas into other people's heads.

Another thing....why the hell is my address out in the open. Take it down whoever is responsible for it. You don't post someone's address out in the open like that.

UPDATE: You deserved to get snuffed.