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Bad Trader Reports on MrsTronne

MrsTronne BTRs4-Nov-2004
Status: active
Reporter: oceanfr

We pended the trade Atelier Elie, Tenchi Muyo (and xmen children of the atom was a freebie) on Sept 29th, he told me he was gonna send payment in 2 weeks and now, tthe 3rd week he mentions that he payed yet I do not see the payment in my pp account. None from a Getbacker ( I responded and asked where the payment was and there was no response so I had to contact the mods. He was communicating indirectly with me, I had to get the mods to send him email for him to respond... (He said he had trouble getting online, which I tend not to believe as he mentioned he would show a proof of payment today (the 2nd day), but I have not heard anything from him since, more than 3 weeks by Nothing!!, Getbacker, I would like to know why you said you have sent the payment, but have not sent anything.. Its completely wasting my time, Im getting no communication from you and Lack of honesty!. So the mods suggested I put up this BTR.

MrsTronne BTRs27-Aug-2004
Status: active
Reporter: the_wizard_666

On the 16th of April, 2004, I pended a $69 payment to Ryuji for a Trigun necklace and Lego set. He then sent on April 29th, 2004. We have since been communicating back and forth via emails in the last few months...apparently the package got destroyed and then returned to him. He then claimed to have had to back order the items, as he no longer had any more. He received the order about a month ago, and he said in an email that he sent it out on August 9th, 2004. He also said he'd scan the post-office receipt and email it to me. It is now August 27th, 2004 and I have yet to receive my side of the transaction 4 months down the road. As soon as I receive my stuff, I will take this down. I really didn't want to have to resort to filing a BTR, but I feel like I have no choice. I really feel he's a good trader, but almost 5 months for me to receive just seems unacceptable.

EDIT: I don't know why, but I don't have the email you said I have...My service provider's been really messed up lately, so it may not have gone through...If you could resend it, it'd be appreciated.

EDIT Nov. 26/04: I haven't been able to get online since I moved out...My old roommates have not received a package yet, and I have no idea if one is forthcoming. So it's now 7 months and still nothing. I don't know what's going on, and I don't have any access to my email, so I will have no way to receive anything pertaining to the trade. If I receive the stuff or a refund, I will remove the BTR. I'm sorry for the lateness in this reply, but I haven't been online since Sept. 1st. and I have no idea how long it'll be until I'm online again.

EDIT Aug. 25/05: I STILL have received nothing. Either send my stuff to my new address or refund my account. I'm NOT gonna remove this BTR until either happens. My advice to anyone considering a deal with this guy: DON'T!!!

EDIT Oct. 28/05: Nothing yet. I notice your profile is "abandoned." Wonder if the fact that you screwed me and the guy who's BTR is above mine? Come on guy, don't make me press charges. I think I've been more than fair. If you've been trying to contact me at my old address, you won't be able to. My new email is the_wizard_6669@hotmail. com If I don't hear from you soon, I'll be filing a fraud report.

EDIT May 2/06: I see you have returned...yet I'm still waiting for my stuff. Also wondering why you never clicked "received" when the payment cleared well over 2 years ago? Not that it really matters, since it's fairly obvious I am not going to get my end of the deal. If you do decide to follow through on your end, I'll need to send you a new address, but that's unlikely.
its been about a month now since he hasnt responded, he also recived btr awhile ago for lying, so im wondering he just doesn't have online anymore or hoping hes not just saying hes gotten it, ill try to keep contacting him but I will email mods soon about this