Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on Elebyte

Elebyte BTRs13-May-2010
Status: active
Aliases: Jacob Chalmers
Address: 2927 Center Point Rd NE Cedar Rapids IA 52402
Reporter: Tj96

i agreed to trade my copy of pokemon colliseum for $10
we agreed to ship same day, i come home from shipping to find that he canceled the trade that day with no warning the day before.
i have given him several opportunities to pay me my cash or the game back.
he has claimed that he has sent $10 and the post office lost it in the mail, but their is no tracking number to confirm that this actually happened
now he is also claiming that he is selling a lot of games here on gametz and will be able to send my cash very soon, but has no pending trades on any of the games posted in his selling.
it has been 2 months and i have still not gotten my cash.

i need to receive either my cash or my game back
if i do receive either i will remove BTR