Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on sirkakkarot

sirkakkarot BTRs29-Nov-2000
Status: active
Reporter: Kevster

I agreed to a trade in which i sent 10 nes games and Final Fantasy Tactics for a dex drive and starcraft. After a long wait fron him we both recieved our items. A few days later he sent another email claiming fft was too scratched to play. I had no problem with that and agreed to send him 10 more nes games to make up for it ( I included a psx game for him as well). He responded he recieved them but ive recieved nothing for over a month. He emailed said he forgot and would send it back. Been 2 weeks no response from him and no fft


Sent email 12-21 apologizing and wanting me to send address again, but as of 1-3-01 no fft. Avoid this guy at all cost.

sirkakkarot BTRs27-Oct-2000
Status: active
Aliases: lordkakkarot, sirkakkarot
Reporter: spikyTail

Our deal was for my unopened Resident Evil 2 PAL version for Dreamcast for two of his PSX games. We both agreed to send at the same time. He said that he needed some time to get some cash together to pay for postal charges and I said that was fine except that the games have got to reach me by a maximum time frame of 2 weeks, and he agreed. I am in Australia and I sent my game off to him immediately after talking to him. He received the game within 5 days by airmail. It has been a month and a bit since our trade and I haven't received anything as yet. The last email I sent him was asking him when exactly he sent my games out, and I did not get a reply. And he sounded like a real nice guy initially too....this is my first bad trader report on gametz and I'm real disappointed that things have come down to this.