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SoZettaSlow Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs22-Jul-2016
Status: active
Aliases: Ethan Tunnicliffe
Address: 2400 sw 19th ave apt. 139 Boynton Beach, Fl 33426
Reporter: SilverTongue

The terms of our trade were: I send my Nintendo 3DS XL in exchange for $50 USD via Paypal and an Interact Gameshark.

I've received $45 dollars and the Gameshark. He still owes me $5, and it has been nearly two months since I've last spoken to him, despite attempts to check on the status of our trade.

While I don't especially care about the $5, I would still like the terms of our agreement fulfilled, and I hope filing this BTR will get his attention.

To resolve this, I would simply like $5 USD sent to me via Paypal, friends and family.