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OldXenogears BTRs16-Nov-2000
Status: active
Aliases: Xenogears
Address: 1925 Bacons Bridge RD Lot 289 Summerville, SC 29485
Reporter: Boss

<--The Story-->
Okay we made a deal. For my Sega Rally 2 for the Sega Dreamcast for his Gundam Side Story 0079 for Sega Dreamcast. I reported the trade. I also sent first. Like I usually do with many of my other trades. Well I sent the package with the
CONFIRMATION #: 0310 2990 0001 5848 1425
He emailed me saying he recieved it. He said he will send soon. Well after about 2 weeks I email to ask where my side was. He said his dad never sent and he will send soon. 2 More Weeks go by. Another email I tell him I will take action if I do not recieve my side. He replyed and stated he understands. Well Here is the 1st of my 'Action'. A Bad Traders Report. I will also now seek LEGAL MATTERS. I have the confirmation #, Post Office can verfy. Also I have all the email he has every sent. If I do not recieve my side soon, I will have to take this Young Man to Court. Andy REPLY to this w/ an explaniation I will post it on this Report, and I hope we can settle this outside court.

TZ has Deleted the TRADE b/c 90 days has passed on PENDING. I will have to choice now but to report Mail Fraud. STAY away from this USER.