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RedPaperMoon BTRs27-Sep-2013
Status: active
Aliases: Devin Hall
Address: 1719 SE Elkhart terr Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34952, USA
Reporter: Dannyd3554

Trade started back in May. He was going to fix my PS2 and mod it. Well a lot of time has passed since then and I kind of forgot about this trade. Recently I contacted him asking him to just send the PS2 back and he told me to send him the money to ship it back within the week so I trusted him and I sent him the money. He hasn't signed on since then and I tried to contact him over Xbox Live and got no response.

So what he can do to fix this is either send me the PS2 back like we agreed on or he can send me back the money I have invested in this and just keep the PS2. Just want this to be over with.