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Just_Vengeance Has Written 1 Review BTRs7-Sep-2010
Status: active
Reporter: infecteddh

Our deal was that I was going to send my Dazzle recording device for his Little Big Planet for PS3 . He informed me before the trade that it was water damaged and that he would be trying to get a new one through insurance and if that wasn't possible then another game would be picked from his list, I went ahead and sent my side of the deal and it was received on August 3rd. No word from him until I had to finally email him and ask him about the game on the 13th and he said it was a "no go". I PM'ed him asking if I could pick another game and that is when communication became minimal. He finally responded on the 17th and said he could do God of War Collection, but it was also water damaged. I declined because I did not want a water damaged game and over the course of 3 days offered 3 more choices to choose from. He decided he wanted to back out after using the recording device and not send anything after threatening to "scam me". I have given him plenty of time to send the device back and after constant lieing on his part about sending the machine back it still hasn't arrived.

I will pull this BTR down if:
A: I receive my dazzle back in the same condition I sent it to him plus a rental fee of $10 or,
B: He offers a reasonable offer for my dazzle in cash/games.

Update: The Users claims are totally false he is trying to word everything to make his situation sound better, and the rental fee was a suggestion of Bill's since I am out money and no sign of my device ever coming back:
I have nothing to hide so here is the PM conversation:

What are you going on about? I put everything up for everyone to see, anyone that has been in chat in the past 3 years since I have been here knows that I never go in there. The PM is up for everyone to see and the cancelled trade report shows all the rest of our conversation. Take responsibility for your actions! 1 month with a device you have got your purpose out of never made a single trade offer... EVER! I was the only one trying to complete the trade, you knew what you were doing from the beginning and you knew you were going to send the device back. I will not pull down the BTR until it is resolved.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (9-Sep-2010)
I informed the trader not to send until i was sure on the condition of LBP. Trader sent regardless of what I told him. I received the item on the 3rd. Wasn't given final word from my insurance company on whether or not the game could be included in my insurance claim until the 13th, which is when I next spoke with him. I informed him LBP could not be done. So I offered God Of War Collection (fully working as i told him, slight water damage to the case) he declined. User began giving me ultimatums. Sent me 1 or 2 options of games I could send him and told me If I did not agree to either a BTR would be filed. I said that I did not feel either deal was fair so i would send the item back. When I told him this he demanded money with the item. Overall not a good trader to deal with. I did not want him to send until i knew about Little Big Planet, but he did anyways. In a way this is truly the traders own fault. Had he waited to send the trade could have been canceled without me having his item. Do i have his item still? Yes. Will he get it back? Yes. Had he been more reasonable and understanding this could have been taken care of a long time ago. But i was hounded with messages and threats of BTR's if i did not agree to send whatever he wanted. Due to his stubbornness I never sent the item back because he was not satisfied with just getting his item back. And do not tell me you gave me time to send it back. Every time i told you I was going to i got some response telling me that wasn't good enough and more should be included. I then got caught up with college and work and never got a chance to send it. I will not agree to the terms he is asking. His item will be sent back and that is all. Infecteddh YOU are the only reason the item is not back in your hands yet.

UPDATE: 0 of my claims are false. I'm not going to argue any longer with you. I know what happened. Where's our conversations in chat? Why can't anyone see those? That's weird... Probably because they back up everything I'm saying.