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Bad Trader Reports on Gohan514

Gohan514 BTRs6-Feb-2001
Status: active
Address: RD1 Box96A, Selbyville, De. 19975
Reporter: I_AM

Hey Josh, I don't know what you think your doing. But I do know that I have not
gotten what you owe me! Which is Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter 2 for the psx. And I will get these from you wink. Your parents are gonna find out...and I'm gonna get you in deep crap.

I know your address, so starting now I am gonna send letters to your
parents constantly. If you don't want this to happen then send me my stuff.

You also ripped others, if I don't get these games then we will get
together and report mail fraud against you...I will also contact the
police (get my police to contact your local police, then your ass is fined).

It's simple, and also very simple for you to get out of this by sending me my games. I've also emailed you a dozen times, and no responses. And I know you do not want your parents to find out.

Anyways I highly erge everyone to ignore this user by not trading with
him, otherwise you will end up in a situation like me. He has only emailed me once, and that was his address...never heard from him again.

If anyone has more info on this user let me know.

My email address is

PS. Your out of luck Josh Brasure, and be expecting some letters from me, the postal services...and possibly the police at your front door! I'd better warn you now, cause your obviously ignoring my emails. And don't take this just as a threat...cause this is what I'm doing. I'm not just speaking my mind, but rather my actions.

Gohan514 BTRs18-Jan-2001
Status: active
Address: RD1 box 96A, Selbyville DE 19975
Reporter: Boss

We made a trade for my $150 in cash for his 266mHZ Laptop. Well I sent the cash to him. Now When I get my Laptop it was a 25mHZ Laptop and he lied about all the stats or made a mistake and sent me the wrong one. Well I emailed him telling him to return my Cash w/ shipping for the Laptop so I can send it back to him since I did not get what I was supposed to get. He has logged on to GameTZ after I send him the email and has not replyed. If I do not recieve the proper items or the money back I will have to take this deal into the court system, since we are dealing w/ a lot of money.