Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on myoungs

myoungs BTRs30-Jul-1999
Status: active
Aliases: Matt youngs
Address: 8920 Hunter way, westmintser,Co 80030
Reporter: SideSwipe

I emailed this guy about 2 of his dreamcast game he offered to trade 3 of my psx games for them(sounds too good to be true). So i checked his address out on previous old bad trader reports and what do you know a MATT YOUNGS(his new account was under MATTHEW YOUNGS), and since on his page it says i do not send first despiting the fact he has ZERO trades. So im putting this up here to warn other traders of this guy. It wont let me post the fact im reporting this guy ( not his old account.

myoungs BTRs13-Jan-1999
Status: active
Address: 8920 Hunter Way, Westminster, Colorado 80030
Reporter: zbums

On 12-20-98, we agreed that I would trade him WWF Warzone (PSX) for Time Crisis w/gun (PSX), and that we would both send the following day. I sent WWF Warzone to him the next day by priority mail, but to date, I have not received Time Crisis from him, even though he advised me that he allegedly sent it to me on 12-21-98. Since 12-21-98, he has not responded to any of my emails, despite repeated requests on my part that he let me know what is happening. I have finally come to the conclusion that he is "ripping me off" and am posting this so that he will not be able to do this to others.