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BoneThug BTRs1-Nov-2002
Status: active
Address: 2728 Parklawn Dr., Brighton, MI 48114
Reporter: muggito

I traded "The Thing" for his "Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind" which he stated was in good condition. Not only was the box a bit junky, but the game will not stop reporting errors and restarting. I have a brand new XBox system which has not reported any errors on any other games. I have asked for my game back, which he already has listed in his available trades, and if not, I will send him his game back for $54-. My game was less than a day old when I sent it out. He claims to be an experienced trader with 86 trades, hence why I chose him, but for a brand new copy of "The Thing" I expected that I could take his word. Also, I sent out my game via priority mail and he kept it for a week before replying to any emails or sending out his game. To say I am displeased is an understatement. He was not very responsive and told me that because I was an inexperienced trader, I had to follow his standards... beware to all inexperienced traders!

Matt, if you send me back my game in a brand-new condition as I sent it to you OR if you send me a money order for $54-, I will retract this bad trader report.


All of the above occurred on October 12th, 2002. It is now December 7th, 2002 and Mr. Centers still has my game. He has sent no word despite my emails and polite attempts to work this out. I agreed to remove this report once he settles with me, but again, I have heard nothing. Also, I noticed that he is apparently trying to avoid me.... his screen name on AIM was posted as CENTERS336 and is now CENTERS86. I wondered why I hadn't seen him online in a while to confront him about my trade. Again, beware.

Update: December 8th, 2002
As of December 8th, I was able to get in contact with the trader's mother, seeing as how he is 16 years old, I figured his mother would be of more help. She claims "the best she can do" is to have me send out my game first and she will assure me that his game will be sent out once she receives mine. This is of course right before she hung up the phone on me rather rudely. Considering this is how I got into this mess in the first place... I believe I will be taking further action as according to the last three suggestions by ----->

Update: December 14, 2002

I figured two email replies would be helpful in understanding the ways of this trader:
On November 1, 2002:
"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM? You don't just go put a BTR on someone
without talking to them first. Maybe you should try wiping off Morrowind
with a CD wipe. You should also know that games freeze sometimes, Morrowind does more than others. It happens on his copy of the game too. How often is it freezing? You went about this completely the wrong way."

my reply?
I explained very lengthy about all the troubleshooting I did with the game, cleaning it and my XBox system and how none of the other games I have stall. I also informed him how I am to put up a BTR (bad trader report) when I am displeased with a trade, as recommended by Gametz rules, until the issue is resolved. As you see above, I agreed to remove the bad trader report once my issue was resolved as recommended by the site rules.

After I got in touch with his mother, who admits to sending out his games for him.... he responded with another email.

December 14, 2002:
"I'm getting rather sick of you. You call up whining to my mom and then post and try to make it seem like she's at fault. Just send back Morrowind, and I'll send you back The Thing when I get it. That's my final offer, I'm not going to send first to you."

my reply?
I explained how I refused to be scammed again by sending out his game first. Being the displeased and misinformed trader, his rules of having me send out first no longer apply. I asked him to review the rules of Gametz, because his insult-filled emails do not comply with the rules of the site either.

I do not appreciate his actions and I feel as a good trader... I should let other traders be aware. Trade at your own risk. As for speaking with his mother, this is not her fault (if it seemed that way above, I apologize). However, she does send out his games for him, and therefore my earlier complaints about sending out my game within a few days and not receiving my game until almost 2 weeks later does involve her. I just figured you all should know that she supports his business ways, which I find to be very unethical and from his emails, rather rude.