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Bad Trader Reports on glorfindel

glorfindel Israel BTRs9-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Eyal Katz, glorfindel
Reporter: jarbuthnot

I airmailed Wizard and the Princess for Apple II on 17SEP.
He supposedly airmailed Loom on 16SEP.
To date, I've not received Loom. He says he received Wizard and would send it back, which I asked him to do. Since then, no replies to my e-mails.

Guess I've joined the tens of others who learned the hard way about Eyal.

glorfindel Israel BTRs1-Dec-2002
Status: active
Aliases: davidwolf5, avi
Address: Ramat Hasharon, Izhak Elhanan 10A, PO Box 2523, Zipcode 47240, ISRAEL
Reporter: stalwart

Not that it would require this additional BTR to show what a character Eyal is... anyway: he approached me with a trade involving an Ultima I by Sierra, which is one of the scarcer releases out there, and I accepted with alacrity. I immediately sent my stuff (Wrath of Denethenor, Wing Commander II + the speech pack which I threw in as a surprise).

He claims my package never arrived, and that he would have sent his side of the deal on schedule. I have since checked with the postal tracking service that my package *did* arrive. Even when confronted with this, Eyal refused to admit that my package was delivered to him.

He then told me that he would soon be able to offer another copy of Ultima I, as he would find 2-3 of them per year. Which is, by all means, impossible! This was, among other things, what got me very suspicious about him, and his shady practices have since been exposed. (see below for the URLs)

Eyal won't respond to my messages anymore, he appears to ignore all attempts to contact him.

I strongly advise not to trade with this guy, in fact everybody should make sure Eyal will never deal in classic software again.

glorfindel Israel BTRs26-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Eyal Katz,David Wolf,Avi,glorfindel god
Address: Izhak Elhanan 10A, PO BOX 2523, Ramat Hasharon, ISRAEL, ZIP CODE 47218
Reporter: Sauron

Well, what more to add, I don't think the whole thing will ever be solved against this real robber. However, everything was explained very well here and on several other pages and my story is the same of my fellow traders here below.
Some other infos here:

My trade was created on 10th of September. It was my Gabriel Knight 1 + Privateer + The hobbit for his Ultima I.

I've contacted Israeli Police website but received no reply at present day.

glorfindel Israel BTRs21-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: glorfindel god, Eyal Katz
Address: Romat Hasharon, Elhanon 10A, P.O. Box 2523, Zip Code 47240, Israel
Reporter: nickie

Eyal Katz approached me for a trade of his Neverhood for two original Sierra games, Gobliins 1 and 2. Because of the hefty postage that would be incurred in my sending games for a game I was not looking for, I thought it did not sound out of place, and agreed to the trade on 9/20/02. Each of us agreed to send our games on or about that date, and I did send my games to him on that date. It has now been two months, and I have not received any game from him. In addition, I have emailed him numerous times with no reply, although he was quick to respond to emails when we were discussing the trade. In correspondence with several other traders who also have pending trades with Eyal Katz, I have discovered that he has responded to their emails during this time period when he has refused to reply to mine, although he has not sent their games either. I would be happy to remove this if Eyal would send the game he promised.

glorfindel Israel BTRs17-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Eyal Katz
Address: 10A, PO BOX 2523, ZIP CODE 47240, ISRAEL
Reporter: willem

Same case, Jon de Ojeda worded it very well already. My trade was made september 11th. Trade was for Adventure is Serenia for my Loom, Indy and I have no Mouth.