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Bad Trader Reports on mcgee9

mcgee9 BTRs25-Dec-2005
Status: active
Reporter: sgtshaggy

It has been over three months since we pended this trade. I sent my end of the trade, and she reported it as received. After that, communication was spotty, she said she had sent, I never received, she said she picked up another game to send to me and filed a mail loss report at the PO, but I never heard from the USPS about the missing package, and she never sent the 2nd package as she said she would. She has been incommunicado for over a month now, and having pended the trade three months ago, I believe I have been patient and considerate. I hope all is well with Belinda, but at this point I fear I have no other resort than to put up this BTR--something I'm not too fond of doing. Hopefully we can work it out--I just want my game smile

30 July 06

Update: I noticed that mcgee had logged back onto her account on the 14th of July, and I was not contacted. However, I have contacted her in an attempt to bring this issue to a close. I'm not mad or anything, I'd just like to tie up and finish the trade one day.