Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on VastoLorde

VastoLorde BTRs29-Dec-2011
Status: active
Aliases: Michael Allison
Email: removed
Emails: Unknown
Address: 3113 W. Walnut Hill LN Apt. 1044 Irving TX 75038
Reporter: plngg

On Dec. 11th me and VastoLorde made a trade. I sent out the xbox 360 on Dec. 14th. The xbox 360 arrived Dec, 17th. He claims he sent Dec. 21st out $100 cash with no DC# in a bubble mailer. I send out cash in bubble mailers all the time with DC#. Its now the 29th of December and I still have no money. His last post he had written to me was " plz hit receive when you get this raspberry". I had sent him a message, but no response. With a wise comment like that, and still no money, theres reason for a BTR. I still don't have my $100.

I want the $100 i was promised.