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ice BTRs28-Mar-2003
Status: active
Aliases: ice
Address: 112 Oak St. Potosi, MO 63664
Reporter: SANGRE

I traded a VHS for a SNES game. Like a dumb ass i send supposedly the same time, when in reality I sent first >frown. After a few weeks I contact ice on Yahoo Messenger and I tell him wheres my game? and he replies with some BS story about his sister having a baby and his grandfather passing away in the same day (or some crap like that, I wasnt believing it from the start cause rowan555 also contacted ice and he tried to pull the same story on her, but then told her he was kidding) So anyway I decided to file this BTR cause I want either my movie or my game! But most likely that wont happen >frown
im so trying to send i will send asap i promise i just need to get a ride to po i feel so bad about this and will have it ready soon and i wish i could help out more