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Bad Trader Reports on ragnorak

ragnorak BTRs16-Feb-2002
Status: active
Aliases: MyName
Address: 1117 Lafayette Street, Greeneville TN 37745
Reporter: shadow1

We agreed to a trade on December 6 2001, my Madden 2001 for PSX for his ESPN MLS Gamenight for PSX, I sent my part and he didn't. After a month I emailed him asking why he had not sent yet, he gave a very good reason, I told him I understood and gave him my address a second time, and decided to wait another month. After 2 months I emailed him again, this time he told me he had sent me an email a few weeks earlier asking for my address and I had not replied, (first I never got that email and second I had given him my address twice already)So I sent him my address a third time, he said he was going to send the next day. A few days later I emailed asking if he had sent the game and gave him my address a fourth time, but he didn't replied, I tried again a few days ago, but he did not replied either. His name is Adam Berryhill by the way.

ragnorak BTRs7-May-2000
Status: active
Aliases: ragnorak
Address: 6435 E. Andrew Johnson Hwy., Afton,TN 37616
Reporter: GodofDestruction

Okay, we first agreed to trade over 4 and a half months ago for my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Original Nintendo), and Mayhem GOLD (PC) for his Metroid (Original Nintendo), and Wing Commander 3 (Playstation). This first trade went just fine, and we confirmed it at 1/04/2000. So, I trusted him, and agreed to trade again. So, over 4 months ago, we agreed to trade again, my Bases Loaded 2 (Original Nintendo), Bad Dudes (Original Nintendo), Baseball Stars (Original Nintendo), Super mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet (Original Nintendo), and Power pad (Original Nintendo), for his Sega Genesis system, rfu unit, and 3 Sega Genesis controllers. So, he got the stuff and confirmed the trade at 1/12/2000. But the Sega Genesis never showed up. I kept asking about it, and after about a month to a month-and-a-half, he agreed that he would send something else to replace the Sega Genesis that never came here. So, after a week, I finally decided on FIFA 99 for playstation, and told him that. So then a couple weeks go by, and nothing in the mail. So I ask him about it, and he says he forgot about it, and he will send it soon. So, a few more weeks go by, and I ask him again, and I get no response. So at this time over 2 months have passed by, and no genesis and no FIFA 99. So, about a month and a half later (about two weeks ago), I email him and ask him about the trade, and he gives me a pitiful email saying "You wanted FIFA 99, right?". Yes, I wanted FIFA 99, I ONLY ASKED FOR IT 2 AND A HALF FREAKING MONTHS AGO!! AND YOU FREAKING PROMISED ME YOU'D SEND IT 2 AND A HALF MONTHS AGO!! Okay, so 2 more weeks go by, and guess what? What a surprise, no FIFA 99!! So I email him one last time a few days ago, and I get no response. I'm sorry to do this to you Adam, but 4 months is too long to wait. All you've done is procrastinate and make promises you didn't keep. If you want this to go down, then please send the game to me. Otherwise, this will stay up.

ragnorak BTRs3-May-2000
Status: active
Aliases: Ragnorak
Address: Adam Berryhill 6435 E. Andrew Johnson Hwy. Afton,TN 37616
Reporter: TahoeMax

I sent this guy my side of our deal a full 2 months ago. We agreed to send at the same time, but after all this time, I still haven't received so much as an e-mail reply to all of my inquiries. Steer clear of this guy! His decent ratings and his bronze star fooled me into thinking he was a respectable guy, but I was sorely mistaken. Don't make the same mistake I did! RAGNORAK: If you want this taken down, send me my games. Mega Man 3,4&6, and Contra, in case all this time has dulled your memory.