Bad Traders

Bad Trader Reports on iceblueyes

iceblueyes BTRs1-May-2004
Status: active
Aliases: gundamman, kpop321, DuJuan Davis, Ed Smith, Adam Deene
Address: 3025 Clements Fl 2 Detroit, MI 48238
Reporter: bill

I am filing this Bad Trader Report in order to warn all the pending trades of iceblueyes.

It has come to our attention that DuJuan Davis has used more than one account on GameTZ (presumably to scam free trial subtime). But, we have also gotten a report that he has ripped at least one person off (from another forum trading site). So, we're now concerned he will attempt to rip people off here as well, though he has completed some trades in the past.

The police have been notified (this person he ripped off from the other forum is taking the matter very seriously).