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mdauphin BTRs9-Oct-2004
Status: active
Reporter: beavis

We started this trade awhile back. It was for a friend, and they said they would do the trade if he agreed to send first since he wasnt on the site. So my friend sends and they receive and we wait for his package to come. After 3 weeks i sent an email and they explained that they had sent it out. After a month and a half i sent an email and they asked what the trade was for. I told them and she said that maybe her soon had done the trade. So she checked with him and he told her he sent it, so she told us to check the post office. My friend went and they said they had nothing for him. Its been two months, im going to need the game back or the games you promised me. Hate that it comes to this

mdauphin BTRs7-Oct-2004
Status: active
Reporter: miclogic

I've tried, heaven knows I've tried to be patient, even faithful, but I have come to believe the stories I have been told are nothing but fantasy and some distorted attempt to buy time or some other excuse for not delivering the trade as promised. Below I will copy and paste the events that have transpired in one of two (thus far) failed trades with mdauphin. (Note to those interested: I have a successful trade with this person in the past, which although greatly delayed did in fact finally transpire after over a month and a half of waiting on my part. Depite this, perhaps foolishly, I negotiated yet more trades, which is how this whole sordid affair came into being.)
Copy and Paste begins:
Okay, I guess I have no other recourse. I have two outstanding trades with you that have been in process for over 2 months now. I can understand ( I guess ) having a package get messed up in the mail/damaged/etc. But it's now been over 2 weeks since I last heard from you about that even. I have been extremely patient, especially considering I sent you a collection worth many hundreds of dollars (even the extra Dreamweaver Ultradev for free), and I sent it immediately with delivery confirmation and insured the shipment for $250. You have shown no such consideration, in fact I have no way of knowing if a shipment has ever even been attempted. You agreed to ship immediately and with delivery confirmation and neither of these promises were kept, (nor were they in our last trade, but that is a moot point now.) I am now well past the point of patience and I will take action. If I do not receive all of the promised items from both trades within one week from tomorrow, September 18, I will file a BTR and I will also begin inquiries into initiating a mail fraud investigation. I have made numerous attempts over the last several months to resolve this trade in a friendly and cordial manner and I remain completely unsatisfied. I regret these actions will be necessary, but I do not see any other way to find satisfaction. I sincerely hope to receive a shipment within the next week as promised over 2 months ago.
on 26-Aug-2004 at 10:47pm miclogic Are you ignoring me? I notice that you have had a BTR filed against you for a similar situation and that you have more than several trades initiated that have not been completed in over a month. I shipped my packages, (one of which was even insured), and they have been confirmed delievered. If I do not hear from you, I see no other recourse than to take a similar course of action, which I would rather avoid. As I stated earlier, I understand delays, but I have had zero feedback or communication from you aside from the brief message saying you mailed it and that was weeks ago. In my experience, packages don't take 3 or 4 weeks to deliver inside the states, and we're talking about two separate trades with the same delay?

Please let me know what you are doing to satisfy your end of the trade. Thanks.
on 19-Aug-2004 at 6:47pm miclogic I still have not received this shipment, nor the shipment for the other trade we negotiated a month ago. Do you think there might be a way you could track the shipment to see if something has gone wrong? As you know, I shipped the items in our trades immediately, as agreed and you verified via email that you recieved them shortly thereafter as expected. I can understand a modest delay in shipping from time to time, but I have never experienced packages taking more than two weeks within the states before and I am beginning to get a little concerned and frustrated, especially since you had significant delays in our last trade as well. Any help or communication would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
on 2-Aug-2004 at 10:27pm miclogic Just checking to see if you've sent either of the trades we've agreed on. I know you have a ton of stuff going on and are busy and thought a reminder wouldn't hurt just in case since it has been a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance!
on 26-Jul-2004 at 10:17pm miclogic I sent an email tonight with an attached file that is the compressed PDF file of the entire book, "Photoshop Bible". It's a large file, but I compressed it as much as possible (sorry about the large size). Thanks again! I hope you're enjoying the software!
on 19-Jul-2004 at 5:02pm miclogic I sent on 19-Jul-2004.
Tracking number: 0303 3430 0000 9887 0846
The package is insured for $250.00 as well. Hopefully you'll see it later this week. Oh yes, My wife has the manual for Adobe Photoshop boxed up somewhere, probably in storage with 90% of my other books. We'll be looking for it but I believe it has a PDF manual on the disk in the meantime. I can also email you a copy of the Photoshop Bible in PDF format if you would like sometime. (It's probably better than the manual anyway if truth be told). As we discussed via email, I did go ahead an include a copy of Dreamweaver Ultradev, which also has Homesite integrated into it, so I didn't put a Homesite disk in since it is redundant. (The Dreamweaver Ultradev is worth a pretty penny, around $400 new and they bought Allaire a couple of years ago who made Homesite -- good way to eliminate the competition I guess). I hope you enjoy everything and that it is helpful in your quest to become programming and design gurus! Wish your son the best for me and let's trade again sometime!
on 17-Jul-2004 at 7:10pm miclogic Great! My address is still the same '

Michael Lange
856 Wymount
Provo, UT 84604

(Just checking to make sure.-- The Tron game is Tron 2.0 right? I'm not sure if there is another version, but that's the game I am interested in from your listing)

Thanks again! I'll ship everything on Monday morning, Media Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I'll probably insure it too since it's not a trivial value.
on 17-Jul-2004 at 7:08pm miclogic Pending trade created.
Offer Accepted

on 17-Jul-2004 at 3:46pm mdauphin Offer Accepted
on 17-Jul-2004 at 3:25pm miclogic Counter-Offer
The Adobe products are basically what's inside the Adobe Creative Suite, the standard version of which costs $999. Even the upgrades I buy cost over $500. They have newer versions available now, (which I own - my business is web development and graphics work in addition to a small amount of programming from time to time so I upgrade almost every year), but the functionality changes very little with each upgrade, sometimes hardly at all. GoLive has changed substantially since the release I'm including, but the other products are almost the same. All in all, I believe it is a more than fair exchange. Let me know what you think.

Copy and Paste ends:===
There have been several times I have received email from mdauphin in response to my pleas for any form of communication to let me know what is happening. She makes a practice of not using the message tools within GameTZ, which I believe is to cover her tracks so there will not be a hard copy. I have kept each of these emails, due to my previous experience, but I will hold off on pasting them here to save a bit of space. If anyone is in need of these for reference, I will be happy to forward them to you if needed.

In short, I would love to get my end of the bargain. I shipped immediately, as agreed, which is what mdauphin agreed to as well. I not only used delievery confirmation but insured the packages as well. She did neither. Now I have nothing and several months have passed. This is way beyond reasonable. Take a look at how long her trades take on average and you will see I shouldn't be surprised, but I am beginning to seriously doubt I will ever see anything, despite her promises to the opposite. Even should I ever receive my shipments (there are two trades outstanding at present, each over 2 months now) I still believe mdauphin to be a very poor trader, both for honesty and timing. In my last trade I negotiated for a game called Vikings, which is a fairly new adventure game. What I received instead was some Vikings: the Strategy of Conquest game from the 1980's or early 1990's --- complete crap, which I ended up throwing in the trash bin. As an aside, I believe honesty comes into play in terms of shipping immediately when that is what you say you will do. Maureen Dauphin rarely does this. Take a look at her trades and you'll see what I mean. I heartily regret the good ratings I have last time, and you can be certain nothing of the kind will ever happen again from my point of view.

Oh, while I'm at it, one last note. Maureen also does not update her trade status as agreed. This is poor practice. For example, she received both of my shipments months ago, and yet has never indicated this by updating her trade status. This is deceipt, plain a simple, even if if seems a minor detail it portrays false information.

mdauphin BTRs29-Sep-2004
Status: active
Reporter: AshMCairo

Sent him my copy of Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete over a month ago via UPS. According to UPS that package has been received and M Dauphin has stated in a previous private e-mail that Chrono Cross has sent out USPS and would try to track the package. A month later and still haven't received my goods, nor any word from M Dauphin.
This package was sent US Media Mail with Signature required. I will have the post service check on it. Media Mail can take 2-3 weeks for delivery