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Bahamuta666 Has Written 9 Reviews BTRs15-Sep-2008
Status: active
Reporter: bass_ec

Arthur and I agreed to have my loan to him fully paid back by August the 31st, stating I would receive several smaller payments. I have received a single payment of $150, and nothing else. I got a message on August 12th stating he wouldn't have the loan paid back by the end of the month, but that he would pay it back "ASAP". I have yet to receive a single payment besides $150.

The maximum time frame I allow for loans is 45 days. If the user does not have a loan fully repaid including interest and fees within 45 days, I must open a BTR.

Arthur must repay $541.56 ASAP in order to have this BTR taken down, as it is outstanding debt beyond the 45 day maximum time frame I can allow.
10/4/08: This is getting increasingly frustrating. Where is this money?
1/30/09 UPDATE: Arthur has agreed to a $100/mo payment schedule, beginning Feb. 1st 2009, until the total balance of $679.56 has been paid in full.
2/17/09 UPDATE: Arhur SHOULD NOT be allowed to continue to trade on GameTZ. He has completely ignored my emails and has let the $600+ he owes me continue.

I will be contacting Washington officials on March 1st 2009 unless I hear from him and receive the first payment of $100 by then.

NO USER should trade with someone who lacks this much integrity.

2/23/09 UPDATE: After several emails to Arthur, he has agreed to send full payment by March 11th via DC, insured Postal Money Order.

Taken from an email from Arthur:

"I will mail you a Money order on March 11th, since I dont have my new bank acct attached to paypal yet."
3/16/09 UPDATE: Arthur has again failed to come through on his word. It is 5 days AFTER the deadline agreed to by Arthur and he has STILL not sent me an email with tracking information, nor do I have a money order in hand.

Arthur has 72 hours before being reported to the Tacoma, WA officials for mail fraud in excess of $300, a felony in the state of Washington.

You are a fool if you continue to trade with this user. Plain and simple.

3/25/09 Update: Arthur has been reported to both the Online Fraud division of the FBI as well as the United States Postal Service. Under most circumstances, this would not have happened. However, with over $600 on the line, I felt this was the best course of action.

All reports can be canceled immediately upon receipt of the money, and this is the only way to rectify this situation.

1/8/2010 - Only because this guy is a huge douche for stealing almost $700 with no intention of paying it back, and because I discovered his personal address, phone number and name, I have resubmitted a complaint with the FBI.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (16-Sep-2008)
I do definitely acknowlegde this BTR, and like I said to you bass_ec, I will get you paid off As Soon As Possible. I am sorry I messed up the trade history we had, and like I said I will get this paid back to you as soon as I can.