Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by bill

nmain BTRs10-Mar-2012
Status: active
Aliases: Josh, Main, Nick Main, Josh Zain
Address: 1420 Arapahoe Salina KS 67401 ; 780 E Frisbie Way Salina, KS 67401
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR to alert the pending trades of nmain.

nmain's behavior has become highly suspicious. He has pending a large number of trades in a short time where other traders are sending first to him. In a few cases he has said he sent but not provided a DC# as agreed. He has not responded to messages from his pendings and from me about this.

Today, he changed his email address to something bogus ( along with changing his mailing address as well.

In the process of investigating this case, I found an old account "mainsinep" that had an old BTR on it as well. The old account had the same mailing address but the name Josh Main was used instead of Nick Main or Josh Zain. I've now merged that old account into this nmain account (thus 2 BTRs)

If you have a pending trade with nmain, I highly recommend you not send your side before you get anything from him.

nmain - it's not too late to make this right.

Goku2080 BTRs10-Jan-2012
Status: active
Address: .
Reporter: bill

This BTR is being filed by Bill Marrs, the owner/admin of GameTZ to warn and notify the pendings trades of Goku2080.

Yesterday, Goku2080 made a number of suspicious/minor trades and after some investigation, it turned out that at least 3 of them were with fake accounts that Goku2080 himself had made. There were other minor trades as well. All of these accounts (Goku2080 SkyrimApophis Beastgord911 xienoXiena) have now been suspended.

I'm very concerned about Goku2080 pending trades given this fraudulent behavior. All Goku2080's pendings were with other new users who he managed to get to send first to him. Hopefully, I'm wrong about this and Goku2080 will follow through on his agreements. If so, I'm willing to remove this BTR and give him another chance despite the faked trades.

forgotten_damage BTRs17-Sep-2010
Status: active
Aliases: forgotten_damage
Address: 1496 Hwy 17 N, Clarkesville Ga, 30523
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR primarily as a way to warn all the pending trades of eclipze that I've linked eclipze to a previous account: forgotten_damage

forgotten_damage has 4 BTRs on it from February.

I am about to suspend eclipze.

I recommend that you not trade with eclipze because of the obvious risk. Even if he sends first, there is risk. If you'd like me to cancel the pending trade you have with him, send me a PM and I can do that for you.

JoshLisa130405 BTRs25-Feb-2010
Status: active
Email: removed
Address: .
Reporter: bill

I'm submitting this BTR to notify all of JoshLisa130405's pendings.

JoshLisa130405 has been acting very strangly and we're getting complaints about him from a lot of people. Many of our more experienced traders are seriously worried that people will get ripped off given how JoshLisa130405 is acting. He has canceled a lot of trades with odd reasons. He has made auctions for stuff he already had pending out to other traders. He's changing his prices in his auctions after posting them. That was just today. There were past complaints too. JoshLisa130405 seems kind of out of control.

I've suspended JoshLisa130405's account (again). I doubt we'll let him back now.

If you have a pending with him, I recommend that you be cautious here. If you haven't sent, maybe it's best to just cancel. I can help you cancel the trade (PM bill). If you still want to do the trade, then please don't send first. It just seems too risky. Given that JoshLisa130405 is suspended, maybe you can complete the trade by email.

If you have a partly completed trade with JoshLisa130405, lets just work on getting it resolved. Email mods if you need help.

lunatic BTRs14-Oct-2009
Status: active
Address: 41 holly lane, Shirley, NY 11967
Reporter: bill

I (Bill Marrs, owner of GameTZ) am filing this BTR on behalf of al8115.
al8115 recently asked me to delete his GameTZ account because he got ripped off. So, I asked him about it and it does appear that he got ripped off for a high-value item by lunatic.

al8115 sold lunatic a PS3 system for $350. al8115 sent the PS3 on 17-July-2009. He used UPS to send the package. The tracking number is 1Z5854250354839084 . When I look up the tracking on that number it says it was delivered.

lunatic claims to have never received it. But, lunatic didn't seem surprised by this (he complained about packages being delivered and lost/stolen). lunatic told al8115 he would still send the $350 money order. In the trade report he says he sent on 14-July-2009 a money order for $380 (I'm not sure why it's $30 more, perhaps to cover shipping). al8115 never got this money order.

al8115 had insured the package, so he started to pursue that. The tracking number shows that a "TRACER REQUEST / LOST PACKAGE TRACER" event happened on 29-July-2009. But, UPS needed to talk to lunatic about it and lunatic stopped responding. So, I'm not sure what happened with the insurance claim, but it doesn't seem to have gone through. lunatic mentioned something about his dad taking his computer away as well.

I tried emailing lunatic from GameTZ Moderators about the situation, but he has not responded to us.

al8115 doesn't want to use GameTZ anymore, he just wants his money or the PS3 back. He wasn't even willing to file a BTR. So, I'm doing that for him.

lunatic - please resolve this with al8115. You'll probably have to contact him through email since he's done using GameTZ it seems.