Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by bill

subzero BTRs24-May-2006
Status: active
Address: 1473 Gordon Ave Calumet City Illinois 60409
Reporter: bill

This BTR is being filed by GameTZ moderators to warn all the pending trades of "subzero".

subzero has been acting very suspiciously. He has a number of pending trades (8), some of which involved rare, high-value items. 4 of these pending trades are with other new users. New users should not trade with each other, since it's very high risk (you all took an Oath not to do this!). On a number of occasions, subzero has said he's sent when he hadn't yet.

It seems clear that he's trying to scam people into sending him stuff. It's not clear if he intends to ever send anyone else anything.

subzero has no reputation here, no completed trades, no ratings. His behavior is very suspicious. Don't send him anything until you get your side of the trade first. He needs to prove himself before anyone gives him that much trust. If you have to, cancel your trade. If you're a new users, this is what we recommend. New users should only trade with established traders who have good trader starts (many completed trades and excellent ratings).

tt22 BTRs6-Apr-2006
Status: active
Address: Ocala , FL 34474
Reporter: bill

This Bad Trader Report is being filed by GameTZ Moderators in order to warn all the pending trades of "tt22".

In one day, tt22 has pended 9 trades. Many of the trades are with other new traders. In several cases, he is trying to get the other trader to send first to him. For the two trades where he reported that he has sent, he was suppose to use Delivery Confirmation, but did not provide a DC#.

We've heard that he may have claimed the reputation on an ebay account was his, but that account is in another state and likely is not him.

tt22 has no reputation here, no completed trades or rating. No one should be sending first to him or even at the same time.

tt22's behavior is very suspicious, so we wanted to warn all of his pendings to be careful. As long as he sends first (you get his side of the trade before you send your side), you're protected, so that's safe. But, otherwise, you're taking a big risk.

If you're another new trader, we recommend that you only trade with traders who have a reputation (look for a star next to their username, at least 10 trades, excellent ratings, etc.). Trading with other new traders is very risky. When you signed up here, we made you take a Trader's Oath that mentioned this. We've seen too many cases like this turn into a lot of people getting ripped off.

Carl BTRs30-Mar-2006
Status: active
Aliases: Carl Crystal
Address: Box 233 Plains, MT 59859
Reporter: bill

This BTR is being filed by a GameTZ moderator to warn all the pending trades of "plains_mt". plains_mt is a new account created by Carl Crystal, who has multiple BTRs on his old account (Carl).

It looks like we caught this in time and no one has sent. So, these new pendings with plains_mt can simple be canceled.

Whatever you do, don't send first to plains_mt ...

Rachel BTRs24-Nov-2005
Status: active
Aliases: TobyMacFan RMiler82 LukeJacksonFan Rachel Cavs_Fan Sergent hot_in_here01
Address: Rachel Sergent 390 Columbus St. Elyria, OH. 44035
Reporter: bill

This BTR is being filed to warn all of LakeErieCards pending trades that she is a scammer.

We have just discovered that the LakeErieCards account is the same person who has made several account here over the years and ripped a number of people off. The person uses many aliases, but we know her (?not sure if she's a female even) primarily as Rachel

See her her other account (with BTR) here:

We will be suspending this account permanently in a few minutes. We recommend that you cancel your trade with her. At the very least, under no circumstances, send anything to her until you get your side of the deal. She is not to be trusted.

The LakeErieCards account will not be reactivated, she is permanently banned from GameTZ.

madrich BTRs27-Oct-2005
Status: active
Address: 333 kimball St. Apt. #4 manchester,NH 03102
Reporter: bill

This BTR is being filed by a GameTZ moderator in order to warn all of madrich's pending trades (plus anyone else who might consider agreeing to a trade with him in the future). madrich has 5 pending trades from around October 10th. For all of them, he reported that he has sent his side. But, that was 17 days ago and no one has received anything from him. So, clearly he lied about sending to all 5 people.

We're concerned that his objective is to rip everyone off and never send anything to anyone.