Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by bill

shadowolf Has Written 1 Review BTRs10-Nov-2013
Status: active
Aliases: DarcStar, Auzrial, forgotten_damage
Address: Fred Thomas Mashburn (or Miles) 135 Cumberlin Dr Apt 101 Toccoa Ga. 30577; Thomas Mashburn 7857 Macedonia Church Rd. Vale N.C. 28168
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR mainly to warn/notify the pending trades of shadowolf. I have good evidence that connects shadowolf to a couple previous accounts that have multiple Bad Trader Reports. (4 BTRs from 2009) (5 more BTRs)

Some off-site info about him that correlates well with what we have here:

(in case he deletes that here are some screenshots: )

He has bounced around a lot between GA and NC, but roughly in the same general area (~3 hour apart). He has used various aliases and variations on his name. Many of the things he has said to me and other members I've talked to has not been truthful.

The connection to Auzrial is mainly based on the Fred Thomas Mashburn name (which he's still using, but had asked me to change recently to Miles, which matched an account he used earlier this year - so many accounts, it's hard to be sure, but at least 3 and maybe up to 7). The location of Auzrial matches NC and some of what he's posted elsewhere and info I got from other traders.

The forgotten_damage connection came from a PM I got from another member (no longer active) right before I'd suspended forgotten_damage (and eclipze, another account that was made after the BTRs got filed). The PM was from someone who knew him in real life as "Tommy Mashburn" and connected him to the NC location as well as the GA locations via wife and family.

Anyway, it's all too much and I need to ban this guy. It looks like most of you have pendings where neither side has sent. So, hopefully, not much damage has been done. PM me (bill) if you'd like me to cancel the trade in his name. If stuff has been sent in your pending, contact me and we can figure something out. Or, if you still want to do the trade you made with this guy, I can try to assist that via email with him or something. -bill

Zaspera BTRs12-Jun-2013
Status: active
Emails: .
Address: .
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this mainly as a warning of suspicious behavior. As far as I know, Zaspera has not ripped anyone off. But, I've gotten a number of reports from other traders of him behaving suspiciously.

For example, he was asking for a loan of $200 with a payback of $320 after a month. This is unusually large amount of interest to pay over a short time. Zaspera has a few other pending loans as well. It looks like more than one person may have made this $200 loan with him.

Zaspera also has pended out a number of 3DS systems. He seems to have used the same info/picture for each of them and they are fairly high-value items as well.

I have other reports of Zaspera offering more than what an item is worth on a high value device (e.g. an iPhone for $500). In all these cases people are sending first to him.

Zaspera has a Double Gold Star and many good trades under his belt for the 6 months he's been at GameTZ. Some have noted that most of his trades were for smaller or low value items, but many of his recent trades and pendings are for high value stuff.

I hope this is all a misunderstanding. But, I feel like I have to warn people in case it's not and he's about to pull a big scam here. If these suspicions are accurate then it may be too late since most of his pendings have already sent. But, I at least this should stop any more people from getting scammed.

Zaspera - I'll send you a pm as well. I apologize if this is a mistake.

Mikezr1 BTRs17-Aug-2012
Status: active
Address: Michael Scott 429 E Evans dr. Tidewater, OR. 97390
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR on behalf of Roly and Funkamander. Mikezr1 had trades with them that he never sent his side for (back in late 2010/early 2011).
I just canceled the pendings since Roly and Funkamander are both inactive and I wanted to capture what happened regardless.

Here are the canceled trades:

Funkamander recently asked for account deletion (I did a purge), I assume because of this bad experience.
Roly have BTRs of his own.

pizzaro BTRs19-May-2012
Status: active
Aliases: AhmedJohnson, Chad Simpson, Barb Simpson, Barbara Villano
Address: john hildenbrandt 101 s pearl st. apt. eg9 albany ny 12207, chad simpson 212 edward st. apt.2 schenectady ny 12304, Barbara Villano 2917 Halsey Dr. Schenectady NY 12304
Reporter: bill

pizzaro's computer network address (IP address) is matching the same IP address that a previous account (AhmedJohnson) used.
AhmedJohnson's account was suspended for not resolving 5 Bad Trader Reports and various other bad behaviors.

If you have a pending trade with pizzaro and have not sent, I recommend that you hold off sending at least until you get his side of the trade first.

If you'd like me to just cancel the trade, let me know (pm bill).

If you have already sent... I'm sorry, but I suspect you've been ripped off. This is why we warn people not to send first to new users.

Apparently, he (Chad?) has ripped people off on other sites too:


You can see him using the same addresses and aliases. It's clear he has been intentionally ripping people off for years and getting away with it.

Frockis Canada BTRs14-Mar-2012
Status: active
Aliases: OooooTFC, ebaydot, Ryan Fawcett
Address: 12953 BoothBay County RR #1 Booth, Ontario PB # 423810, 7 Kennedy Street West , Aurora, Ontario , L4G2L3 Canada
Reporter: bill

I'm filing this BTR to warn and inform the pending trades of Frockis.

Frockis has been identified as an someone with an old account at GameTZ that has BTRs on it: OooooTFC

The OooooTFC account has now been merged into Frockis (old BTRs, trades, and all).

Before OooooTFC, he was also known as "ebaydot" (and many still know him best by this username).

I've suspended this Frockis account. I know that he wants to complete his pendings trades, but I'll leave it up to you how you want to handle it given the situation.

If you want cancel the trade (if no one has sent anything) or send his stuff back, then cancel; that's fine. Send me (bill) a pm if you need help doing that.

If you want to complete the trade as agreed, then you can talk to him via email and have him let me know when he sends/receives (I can update the pending trade status as needed to complete the trade eventually -- though, I wont be able to do a rating, but that's not important). Again, feel free to pm me if you need help or email moderators (if you want me to respond by email).

I'll also send Frockis a list of all the pendings and the info needed to contact the other trade by email and the trade info to help you both resolve the trades.

At this point, I'm not likely to reactivate his account. Though, if the old BTRs got resolved, I'd consider it.