Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by bill

FAKK2 BTRs13-Nov-2003
Status: active
Reporter: bill

This BTR is being filed by the owner of GameTZ.

We've uncovered substantial evidence that FAKK2 has repeatedly pulled a scam on people he has traded with in which he claims that the items which were sent to him are damaged and the asks for some sort of compensation for them (return of good, subtime, etc.). We know of at least 5 cases where this happened at this point (there could be more).

We're not going to allow FAKK2 to operate this scam at GameTZ anymore, he has been banned permanently.

BlacKJesuS BTRs13-Sep-2003
Status: active
Aliases: Prodigy, Hyabusa
Emails: CaptainStankm
Address: 465 e.114st, Cleveland, Ohio 44108
Reporter: bill

We have confirmed that Infamus' (Rick Mallory's) address matches the address of the old user account "Prodigy" (previsouly known as Hyabusa.).

We have merged the Prodigy account into the newer Infamus account, along with the 5 Bad Trader Reports on it.

We're filing this BTR as a warning to all users who have pending trades with Infamus now.

Rick, we need you to clear up these old BTRs as soon as possible. You did lie to us about your identity, but we're willing to let that go if you work to clear up the BTRs. If you need help clearing them up, let us know.

LL_Cool_J Canada BTRs9-Aug-2003
Status: active
Aliases: Silky (Sean Watkins), Ja_Rule (Christopher Reed)
Address: 32-717 Aspen Rd.,Comox, BC V9M 3X4 Canada
Reporter: bill

We have evidence that indicates you have used several aliases and accumulated several Bad Trader Reports. 1 BTR last login 22-Apr-2002
Christopher Reed 2 BTRs last login 9-Jun-2003
Sean Watkins
Nokio was merged to Silky, also had been "Swizz_Beatz_"
Address was: 32-717 Aspen Rd.,Comox, BC V9M 3X4 Canada

Shawn Frisby - if you want to use GameTZ, you'll need to resolve these 3 old BTRs. If you don't, we will be notifying the Comox police.

I'm posting this to warn all the Pending trade before I suspend the LL_Cool_J account.

ataridotcom United Kingdom BTRs8-Sep-2001
Status: active
Aliases: chris drake
Address: Shelby Road West Sussex England or church road hove, bn3 2dl England
Reporter: bill

I have clear evidence that this user created multiple accounts with fake trades between them in order to forge a good reputation. This person has numerous web-based email services that he uses to hide his true identity and to create fake accounts.

quadoushka, scotchy, joe90 were all made by comic, all are fake identities.

Though many trades have been arranged, I have not heard of one that has been completed. He's never sent his side of the deal.

Currently there are 12 pending trades on the "comic" account. Many are for high value items.

These are all common signs of a rip-off artist.

There's some evidence that this user is the same person as "", another user at who created multiple account and fake trades. Also, there is at least one case of ataridotcom ripping someone off (though that person has taken down their BTR at this point because ataridotcom has once again promised to send).

ataridotcom has shown on many occassions a strong willingness to lie and fabricate stories that somehow explain his behavior. Be very careful with this person, the lies can be very convincing. Judge him by actions not words. Don't send first to this user under any circumstances!

Kronvict BTRs8-Feb-2001
Status: active
Aliases: Kronvict
Address: 9387 Graceful Gold St. Las Vegas, NV 89123
Reporter: bill

We agreed to trade my Ecco the Dolphin and $20 for Hitman code 47 and No One Lives Forever. I send mine, delivery confirmation number: 0300 1290 0000 3819 2871

He sent me CDRs (pirated games). They have nice pictures on them, but they're blue on the back. Also, not box or manuals and the 3 CDs came in one otherwise empty jewel case.

I am not amused.