Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by blackmagemasher

Ahunt5714 BTRs18-Dec-2007
Status: active
Address: Amos Hunt 1013 Turley Ave Flatwoods Ky, 41139
Reporter: blackmagemasher

i made an trade with this user and was going to trade my final fantasy tactics for his la percelle tactics, he was a new user but politly insisted that i should send first, i agreed but would need delivery confirmation, he said okay. I mailed out 2 weeks ago yesterday and he said he send out 2 weeks ago (we figured we would send at the same time since it was delivery confirmation), but his delivery confirmation said a wierd message around the lines of "this cannot be seen on website", thought it was wierd but figured he just put it on and it need time to analyze, later that night im on and i see he made another trade with someone and it was on recent trades, and in the stuff he was sending to Tydea he had put la percelle tactics, so i contacted tydea and asked if that was the game he was getting or a stragegy guide, and he said it was was the game, then i told him that same user is trading that game to me also, we found that suspecious and both contacted him about it (we wanted to know if we were boned) he responded politly telling me that he had a copy and his sister had a copy, and since there ps2 was down they figured they would trade them both off, i figured it could happen (i have two copys of san andreas in my house due to a brother so...) anyway he recieved his package the 9th of december and mine was still having a wierd error message, and i wasnt recieving my package, so i was getting increasingly more demanding to him and he would assure me that he didnt know what was going on and the delivery confirmation is wierd also, than last saturday he sent me a message saying he forgot the zipcode on my package and he would have it out monday, i thought i would finalally get my item, then tydea messages me asking if i have recieved my item yet, he said he hadnt recieved his either, and that he also forgot this zipcode on his package also...

So, im putting this btr up not because hes a bad trader (yet) but to warn people that might trade with him that it looks like im boned... Also, i would be more than happy to take this btr off if i get my item in the mail (cause everyone makes mistakes)