Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Foxhack

xxMacVxx Canada BTRs29-Jan-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Mac T, Michael Theroux
Address: 11925 - 103st apt# 201, Edmonton Alberta T5G-2J4, Canada
Reporter: Foxhack

I received an offer for a couple of games on November 30, 2007. He offered money and a game for Rhapsody and Saiyuki (both PS1); Rhapsody had already been traded away at another forum, so I counteroffered with my copy of Rhapsody in exchange for his copy of Paper Mario (GameCube).

I accepted the trade on December 4, and shipped the item on December 7. I emailed Michael after three days to see check on the status of the package, but nothing had arrived. I received the final communication from Michael on December 12. I sent a few more emails but got no response, even though his account said that his last login was on December 28.

After another trader here contact me regarding this person, saying that he had issues with him because the game he sent was returned to him, I waited a bit longer to see if the package I sent would be returned to me. I never got anything, so I dug up the Customs number for this item, and according to Canada Post, this was delivered (or at the least, processed by their Alberta facility) on December 16.

I believe that Michael Theroux kept my game and did not send the game I was supposed to get. He hasn't logged into the site in a month, so I believe my game is lost...

This BTR will be taken down after I get the game I was supposed to get, or if he sends me back my copy of Rhapsody.

ccurcillo BTRs7-Dec-2007
Status: active
Address: 230 Tar Heel Dr, Delaware, OH 43015
Reporter: Foxhack

I was looking for some Gamecube games to start up a collection and noticed ccurcillo had some games that I was interested in, and he wanted games that I couldn't sell or trade away, so I ignored the previous BTR in hopes of getting some good games.

I saw he had a listing for "Metroid Prime / Metroid Prime 2: Echos" (sic), so I offered Flesh Feast (good condition, no box), Liberty or Death (Genesis, w/box, no manual), and Forgotten Realms Archives (CDs in a cardboard slipcase, no manuals) on November 2, 2007. I believed that the game he was sending me was a two-pack with Metroid Prime 1 and 2. I asked a few times if both games (not one game) were complete, and he said yes. He then asked for some more games in another offer, but we didn't agree on what to trade so we didn't finish that one. That delayed the shipping of the games we'd originally agreed upon by a few days. (Just adding that for clarification here.) I shipped out my games on November 8, 2007, and they arrived at his place on November 10. He then sent me a message saying that he would be out of town on business and he'd just buy the game online and have it sent to my address instead. I said I wouldn't have minded the wait until he returned but thanked him anyway.

I sent him a message on November 20, asking for my game. He said he'd look into it. The game did not arrive at my box until the 28th (but I got it on the 30th because the people at my mail place held it in the back, they thought it wasn't for me for some reason, and I had to yell at them to give it to me.) The package has a postmark of November 24. When I opened the package, I saw that it did not contain Metroid Prime 1 + Metroid Prime 2. Instead, it contained Metroid Prime 1 plus the Metroid Prime 2 bonus disc, which is basically a demo. Also, the game was not in very good shape. The discs have some scratches, and the case is beat up and has some stickers on them.

I let ccurcillo know that I was expecting two games, not one and a demo, and he said that he was going to send me Metroid Prime 1 + the MP2 bonus disc. I said the item name did not say anything about a bonus disc or a demo, and that I'd like to have my games back since this was a misunderstanding. He then replied that he didn't have any of the games anymore, and he asked me for an "internet link" of the game package I thought I was getting.

I replied that I thought it was some sort of a special pack-in deal, since I didn't know much about the Gamecube at all. I asked him again if he had the games, because I wasn't interested in money - just the games. He replied that he sold two and traded another, and he asked if I saw something on his list I wanted. I said I wanted Star Fox Assault (GC, very good condition), which was on his list. He took a couple of days to reply and he said he didn't have it anymore (the game was removed.), and asked me to look for something else. So I asked for Resident Evil 0 (GC, very good condition) and Resident Evil Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition (PS1, very good condition.), and said that considering the value of the games I sent him, I thought this was a fair trade. And he ended up making an offer of a disc-only copy of Resident Evil Director's Cut for PS1 in exchange for the game I got instead.

I don't know what else to add to this report without resorting to name calling. I was hoping that the previous BTR was a fluke due to a misunderstanding, but this doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I'm not looking for money, all I want is an equal trade for the items I sent him, nothing more. I hate to file a BTR like this, but I really don't like being led around for nothing. I hope this helps in some way.

--- BTR Edited on December 8, 2007---
After talking to the GameTZ mods and trying to find a solution, I found out that ccurcillo is SELLING two of the games that he claims he did not have anymore over at He's also got a cart-only copy of Liberty or death, but my copy had a box, so he may have truly traded my copy away (but who knows.)

I took those two screenshots this morning. The games are described as being in the exact same condition as the ones I sent him. So he's still got them but refuses to send them back.

At this point, I'll take $30 considering the sale cost of all three items, or the two Resident Evil games that I'd asked for, in complete and near mint state (no disc only copies or scratched up ones.)
--- BTR Edited on December 8, 2007 END ---

A transcript of the trade follows.


on 7-Dec-2007 at 3:43pm K_Sniper The only items I want from your list are Resident Evil 0 (Gamecube, very good, complete w/box and manual) and Resident Evil Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition (PS1, very good, complete w/box and manual). Considering I sent you three games, two of which (Flesh Feast and Liberty or Death) were kinda rare and valuable, and the fact that I was expecting two games... I think that both of them would be a fair way to end this trade. I get the games, I send off this copy of Metroid Prime to you and that'll be that.

Thanks for trying to set this right. Hope to hear from you soon.
on 6-Dec-2007 at 3:08pm ccurcillo don't have Star Fox: Assault anymore. anything else?
on 4-Dec-2007 at 3:05pm K_Sniper Sorry for the late reply. It's been hell at work. Late night shifts suck.

I looked at your list and the only thing that interests me is Star Fox: Assault. I dunno if that would be a fair trade. Let me know. I'll try to reply as soon as I can.
on 1-Dec-2007 at 3:28pm ccurcillo do you see anything on my list that you want to trade that game back for?
on 1-Dec-2007 at 3:27pm ccurcillo sold 2, traded 1
on 1-Dec-2007 at 2:29pm K_Sniper I don't have a link for those games I thought I was getting, I know next to nothing about the Gamecube (I just bought one) and thought they'd released some sort of two-pack, like they did with some Zelda games and other similar packages. I figured it was a special pack-in variant I hadn't heard of.

You don't have my games anymore? Did you already trade them away, or sell them? I'm not asking for any money, all I want are my games back. I'll send you back the game I got. I don't want anything else.
on 1-Dec-2007 at 8:01am ccurcillo please send me an internet link to the item that you thought that you were getting
on 1-Dec-2007 at 8:01am ccurcillo I don't have those games anymore
on 30-Nov-2007 at 3:48pm K_Sniper Sorry, but by this:

"So I'd like to get my games back, and I'll send you this copy of the game I got, if you want."

I meant that I'd return the game you sent me if you send me my games back, not that I'd get to keep this game and you'd have to return the games to me, that's just silly. Sorry again.
on 30-Nov-2007 at 3:47pm K_Sniper ... the listing is not for that. The listing does not say "Bonus Disc". It says Metroid Prime 1 / Metroid Prime 2. If I had known I was getting MP1 + MP2 Bonus Disc, I wouldn't have offered the trade at all.

I was under the impression that I would be getting both games, not MP1 + the demo. The item on the trade agreement was both games, not this. So I'd like to get my games back, and I'll send you this copy of the game I got, if you want. I only offered so many games because I thought I'd be getting both metroid primes, not just one.

on 30-Nov-2007 at 3:36pm ccurcillo no that is correct. they never sold both full versions as a set. that is exactly what I have that I was going to send you.
on 30-Nov-2007 at 2:01pm K_Sniper Yes and no. I got the package today, apparently the idiots at the mail room held it because they weren't sure it was for me.

... but I don't think I got the right item. When I made this offer I thought I'd be getting Metroid Prime 1 + 2, but what I really got from that yahoo, as you called him... was Metroid Prime 1 plus the Metroid Prime 2 bonus disc. So I only got one game instead of two. Your original post implied that I would be getting a Metroid Prime 1 + 2 two pack, not the Metroid Prime 1 + MP2 bonus disc.

I'm not sure what to do here. I was under the impression that I would be getting a different item, not this. What now?
on 30-Nov-2007 at 11:24am ccurcillo has it arrived yet? my post office is telling me that the site is wrong. They have it in their internal system as delivered to Calexico, Ca 92231 at 7:31 on November 28 2007
on 29-Nov-2007 at 11:57am ccurcillo I will look into it. if it doesn't arrive by dec 4th. I will ship you another.
on 29-Nov-2007 at 11:41am K_Sniper ... er. Dude. I don't live in Berkeley. I live in Calexico. The delivery confirmation number says it was delivered at Berkeley, which is way up north from where I live.

What's going on?
on 26-Nov-2007 at 7:34am ccurcillo sorry, but this yahoo didn't ship it until last week. here I was trying to get the game to you earlier, and this person drops the ball. you should get it in a couple of days though. sorry for the delay.
on 26-Nov-2007 at 7:32am ccurcillo Tracking number: 9101 8052 1390 7214 0679 49
Your item was delivered at 1:22 pm on November 28, 2007 in BERKELEY, CA 94702.
Electronic Shipping Info Received, November 24, 2007

on 20-Nov-2007 at 10:42am ccurcillo I will look into it. If it does not arrive by December 4, 2007, I will send you another copy. thx!
on 20-Nov-2007 at 10:27am K_Sniper Hi. It's been ten days and still no game... So uh. How'd you send it? What's the tracking number? Where did you order it from?
on 10-Nov-2007 at 7:56pm K_Sniper Um... okay? I wouldn't have minded waiting for you to come back, I'm not in a hurry to get the game. But thanks.
on 10-Nov-2007 at 7:37pm ccurcillo I sent on 10-Nov-2007.
I am going out of town for a business trip tomorrow. Since I wasn't going to be here Monday when the post office is open to ship your item, I went ahead an ordered you a copy and had it shipped to you (hope you don't mind). Please let me know if it arrives in good order.
on 10-Nov-2007 at 7:32pm ccurcillo I have received.
on 8-Nov-2007 at 10:54am K_Sniper I sent on 8-Nov-2007.
Tracking number: 03071790000119295819
Your item was delivered at 10:50 am on November 10, 2007 in DELAWARE, OH 43015.
Processed, November 10, 2007, 12:40 am, COLUMBUS, OH 43218
Processed, November 08, 2007, 7:18 pm, SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92403
Acceptance, November 08, 2007, 8:49 am, CALEXICO, CA 92231
Parcel Post.
on 7-Nov-2007 at 11:20am K_Sniper Allright, got your other cancellation message. I'll ship this out tomorrow morning.
on 6-Nov-2007 at 8:16pm K_Sniper I've countered your other offer; note that Thief Gold does not include a manual, I checked, but the discs are in pretty good shape. Feel free to edit that other offer if you wish, though I happen to have that Shanghai game for Genesis on your want list. Let me know in that other trade offer!
on 6-Nov-2007 at 1:43pm ccurcillo yes, it includes the box insert as well
on 6-Nov-2007 at 1:25pm K_Sniper Yes, I found Flesh Feast and that Silver Archives collection. I found them last night, they were behind some boxes. I haven't searched for Thief Gold yet, but I did see it in a box last night, so I shouldn't have any issues getting it.

I don't mind trading away Thief Gold and Perfect General Trilogy, but I really don't see much in your want list I'm interested in anymore. Lemme try and pick something out first.

And uh... sorry to ask, I know I sound annoying, but you said Metroid Prime 1+2 includes a box, but does it include the cover insert? Just trying to make sure all bases are covered, sorry. Thanks.
on 6-Nov-2007 at 12:49pm ccurcillo so were you able to find all of the games in this trade?
on 6-Nov-2007 at 12:39pm K_Sniper DDR is the case and manual only, there is no game included. Thief Gold... I should still have it somewhere. I think it's in my main game box. I'll look for it later today.

By the way I did find Flesh Feast and the other game.

You realize of course that I'd have to get more items from you have list, right? As it is, I was having problems picking something in exchange for Perfect General... Heh.
on 6-Nov-2007 at 8:40am ccurcillo I would also be interested in...

Dance Dance Revolution PlayStation
Thief Gold PC
on 5-Nov-2007 at 3:07pm K_Sniper I searched high and low for two of the items I'm offering (that Forgotten Realms archive and Flesh Feast) and I cannot find them anywhere. I had all my trade items in several boxes, and neither of them are in there. This doesn't make a lick of sense! If I can't find them by tomorrow evening, I'll have to cancel the trade. I'm really sorry about this, I don't want to look like I'm backing out, because I'm not. I really want the Metroid Prime two pack we agreed upon.

Please accept my apologies. I'll let you know as soon as I can check every box again, slowly, to see if I can find them.
on 4-Nov-2007 at 7:15pm ccurcillo yes, I will be sending the case
on 4-Nov-2007 at 6:50pm ccurcillo ccurcillo's address:

*address removed*

on 4-Nov-2007 at 6:50pm K_Sniper K_Sniper's address:

*address removed*

on 4-Nov-2007 at 6:50pm K_Sniper Pending trade created.

Offer Accepted
Allright - you still haven't told me if you were sending the case. ;)

I haven't found Flesh Feast; I know I still have it because I tested the game and didn't like it (which is why I'm trading it away), and I put it next to some CDs I stored a few months ago. I'll let you know the moment I find it. I'll keep the Perfect General trade on hold for a bit while I browse your list and choose something. Thanks!
on 4-Nov-2007 at 12:43pm ccurcillo btw, parcel post is fine
on 4-Nov-2007 at 12:18pm ccurcillo Offer Accepted
I will make a second offer for Perfect General
on 3-Nov-2007 at 11:52pm K_Sniper Incidentally, I noticed you want The Perfect General (DOS). I have a copy of the game which includes two expansions on one CD - the disc is mint, but the box was crushed and it's kinda falling apart. It can be repaired, and I can also provide pictures if you want. There was no manual, it's in a file in the CD (I got this sealed, so there wasn't a printed manual included.)

If you want I can add that to the trade, in exchange for something else from your trade list. Interested?
on 2-Nov-2007 at 8:37pm K_Sniper Counter-Offer
I can't ship via Media Mail. The Calexico post office will not allow -anyone- to ship anything via Media Mail except for books - and even then they'll only allow educational texts! I've argued with them over this several times, but they refuse to budge, so I'm stuck using Parcel.

Anyway... I'll be shipping all of these inside a small box. All I ask of you is that you please send the game I'm asking for in a bubble mailer, via First Class, once you get my items.

Just one thing, does the Metroid Prime 1 + 2 package include the outer insert? And they're both in an original Gamecube case? (I read the BTR against you, so I'm asking just in case you're not sending the game case. No offense meant, of course.)

Thanks for replying. :)
on 2-Nov-2007 at 8:22pm ccurcillo Counter-Offer
send MEDIA RATE, cheaper than Parcel post and same speed.
on 2-Nov-2007 at 7:53pm K_Sniper Offer Created
Hi, I noticed you have Metroid Prime 1 and 2... so I hope you'll at least consider this offer. I have a few other items from your want list, but since they're disc only, I haven't offered them. If you want them, let me know. Thanks! (And yes, I'm aware of the whole BTR situation. You've still got a higher rating than me so I'd send first.)
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (7-Dec-2007)
Please send me a web link or UPC of the item that you thought that you were getting. you can't, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST. I sent you the METROID PRIME 1 w/ METROID 2 BONUS DISC, which is the only METROID GAMECUBE combo package that ever existed. Please don't ask me to send you something that does not exist.