Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by RV03

whatdajarvis BTRs23-Feb-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Mitchel Shiew
Address: not listed
Reporter: RV03

this kid was supposed to send me 60.00 paypal after i did an offer for him, and so i did and i was waiting for him to send and he just canceled my trade.

i would like to at least 40.00 out of this and im not deleting until i see some money

and i am calling the referral site to have his account deleted if i dont recieve any money by tomorrow

UPDATE!: The kid still hasnt sent me the money and keeps saying that he is waiting to get varified every time i ask him where my money is!

do not make a deal with this kid!!!!!!

its been weeks and i hear the same stupid words over and over from this kid

i would like my money NOW!
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (29-Feb-2008)
I am planning on paying you once they verify your account. Most of the time when you submit your account for verification referrals go "red". I will pay when its verified.

UPDATE: Not my fault the website im using takes a while to verify!! I will pay an extra $10 dollars to compensate for the wait once its verified!