Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Xorda

pyro8562 Has Written 1 Review BTRs8-Jun-2009
Status: active
Aliases: H0MICID4L H4CKR
Address: Ian Metcalf 603 Robert Hunt Dr Carrboro, NC 27510
Reporter: Xorda

Simple. I send you money, you send me an xbox 360 chatpad, righ?

I sent, and he recieved a few days later. He said he sent... After what seemed like long enough, I asked him if he could check with the PO to make sure it sent, and all that. After long eough again, he said he could send second one, which I thought was awfully generous. I accepted... and he said he sent again... and I still have not recieved my end of the trade.

Right about when this happened, he abandoned his account and should not be traded with, should he return.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (1-Apr-2010)
Ok, well for the whole abandoning my account and all, I kinda went to college, they give you an an e-mail to use so I kinda just ditched my old one, that and between working to pay off student loans, food, study/school materials etc I kinda couldn't really check my GameTZ account, I really don't care right now what you think, how much did you send me, I'll send that back plus some extra or whatever you want, I can probably get another chat pad from my friend since he sold his Xbox but still has some accessories lying around, I just want to get this BTR behind us and move on, oh and the only reason I came back is because I just got a laptop for College since my Grandma was nice enough to give me some money in her will.