Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by masterchief06

Frogblender Has Written 1 Review Canada BTRs21-Mar-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Andrew Fiori
Address: 4170 Av Coloniale Montreal, Quebec H2W 2C1
Reporter: masterchief06

I pended a trade with Frogblender on February 14th in which I would send him $35 plus PayPal fees (total of $36.25) for his two blurays, Planet Earth and Cloverfield. I sent my side of the deal early (like an idiot) on the 15th of February and he claims to have sent on the 16th. He agreed in the trade to use Delivery Confirmation or some Canadian equivalent, then when asked for some sort of proof that he actually sent the movies he claimed he didn't have one (first clue). I contacted Frogblender on March 8th and asked him what was going on and where were the movies, to which he replied:

"Thanks for the birthday wishes. if it doesnt arrive soon I'm willing to give you back your Paypal. Its a loss on my part I guess but Canada Post never loses anything, they might just catch it in customs and delay it (which is what the customer service agent told me happens sometimes to small packages.) You'll just have to trust me that it was paid for and dropped off and that it should make it to you soon. I think I may stop sending things out entirely if the post office is going to delay it like this, I don't need my rep sullied by overzealous postal workers."

I haven't heard from him since despite many attempts at contacting him. His bio says he hasn't logged in for 5 days and counting, and I don't know if he's coming back.

I really hate to file this BTR because he seemed like a great guy with great trading potential. I just hope this was all a mix-up and it can all be sorted out amicably.

Potential Resolutions:

1. Send the movies that you agreed to send immediately WITH tracking
2. Refund me in full the amount that I paid ($36.25)

Like I said, I don't like to file BTRs because it typically ruins a user's trading record, but in this case I have no choice. Please do the right thing Andrew.

EDIT It is now April 10th and I have yet to receive anything still. Just refund the money like you said you would, man EDIT

EDIT April 16th and still nothing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you avoid this criminal EDIT

EDIT Resolution was just to cancel in his name and forget about the money. I'm just going to chalk this up to a learning experience, and I hope everyone else learns from this as well. BUYER BEWARE EDIT

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (3-Oct-2009)
It has been a long time since I used this site, for good reason. Currently trying to get this cleared up now so I can get my personal details off this site and be done with it for good.

With my financial situation in Montreal, I was forced to sell off some of my personal effects that were unneeded to make some extra grocery money. Pursuant to that, I unfortunately had to spend the money I would have used on sending the packet containing the Blu-ray movies on a transit pass. I had already claimed that day that I had sent (which I had planned to later on) so I did not want to re-neg. I waited approximately five or so days for the $36.25 to clear and then used part of that to ship the movies the same day.

The two Blu-ray movies were shipped in a plain bubble mailer, properly addressed. I claimed the value as $40 and truthfully stated the contents. I had hoped at the time that doing so would prevent Customs from opening the package, or charging masterchief06 any sort of duty or taxes. I had promised at the time that I would pay for tracking, but due to my ignorance I was informed at the post office that I could not get delivery confirmation. (This seems strange now, as I do recall sending packages to the USA before with confirmation attached.) I sent anyways, expecting the package to arrive in (at most) a week.

When I began receiving emails from masterchief06 regarding the non-receipt of the movies, I began to get quite frightened. At first I just assumed it was because I had sent them a couple of days late. The messages unfortunately changed in tone, and at the time I could not fathom how the package could not have arrived. I recalled events like this transpiring on eBay, where buyers would claim non-receipt and then retrieve their money fraudulently. At first, I offered to refund the money, but soon after I thought 1. that the very same thing could possibly be happening to me, and 2. if I refunded the money, I would end up losing the $36.25, plus the $15 or so I had spent on the shipping AND the physical movies themselves. My reasoning was, I had sent them and they would eventually arrive no matter what, so I did not want to become embroiled in an argument of any sort. I ignored masterchief06's emails afterwards assuming this to be the case, and that when the USPS finally delivered his package he would be satisfied and would leave me be.

Unfortunately, February turned into March turned into April, and there was still no sign of the movies according to the increasingly angry emails I was receiving. I myself was angry, as I was being accused of being a crook and a liar when I had been as trustworthy as I was in every transaction I have made since I began collecting in 2003. This attitude turned into apathy, and I soon had neither the desire to refund masterchief06's money or return to the GameTZ community.

The intelligent thing for me to have done at that point would have been to file a claim with the post office, but at the time I wasn't even aware they would honor something like that. My conclusion is that at some point in the postal worker daisy chain, someone saw that I had claimed "Blu-ray movies" on the bubble mailer and decided to steal the package itself. My only hope is that if this is the case, the worker in question was fired or at the very least reprimanded.

There are three distinct possibilities here. Number one, I did not send. Number two, masterchief06 received, but falsified his claim of non-receipt. Number three, a postal worker stole the actual package whilst it was in transit. I can rule out number one personally, and number two as well, as I would assume masterchief06 to be an honorable and decent member of the GameTZ community. The only thing I can gather then is that it was stolen.

At this point though it really does not matter. I have no intention of returning to the GameTZ community in any capacity, but I am in a much better situation now financially. I also can see how masterchief06 feels in this situation. Although neither I nor masterchief06 were at fault, I still would like to rectify this situation. I consider myself to be an honorable person, and whether or not this will go on record or not, or however long it has taken me to come back to this issue and solve it, I would still like to make amends. I only hope that in the end, someone will trust me enough to believe that I truly held up my end of the bargain, no matter how irresponsibly.