Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by wfg97079

Recboy BTRs1-Feb-2009
Status: active
Aliases: dave elias
Address: Deyv Elias 424 w 163rd st apt 5 New York, NY 10032
Reporter: wfg97079

I am having issue with a trade I made with Recboy. The PS3 that I got
from him has been banned from the playstation network for severe
violations of Sony's policies. This was not disclosed and makes the
system worth substantially less than what I traded for. After consulting with a MOD I have offered a compromise of him sending back the games and keeping the cash. I got this vulgar response:

"Go ahead you and the gay ass mods can suck my Dick!
hows the for sufficient you little F.a.g.g.o.t.
Fudge the Censors"

I have filed a dispute with paypal, looks like several folks on here are having an issue with RECBOY

JMorgan14 Has Written 2 Reviews BTRs6-Jul-2008
Status: active
Address: 146 north apple street hamburg PA
Reporter: wfg97079

This trade started on April 14th and Jmorgan received on the 17th. After several stories about why it was delayed/lost by the mail and several tracking numbers that were never valid he told me he would get a new copy with the money from the insurance he had on it and ship it. On May 14th I finally received a package of a used and scratched game. He never had any explanation for it being shipped so late but said he would be buying a NEW copy for me and sending it to me. I even offered to pay the $10 difference between the used and new game at gamestop. After sever unanswered messages the last contact I have had was that the game was being shipped on the 21st of june and I have not heard anything since nor have I received the game. `

Looks like he logged in on the 25th but gave no info and I still haven't received

I have heard nothing on this and yet he keeps logging on
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (8-Jul-2008)
BTR gives all info, i sent him a copy of Rock Band he said the game was severely damaged and he was afraid that the game could mess up his system if he tried to play it. The only thing that i was concerned about was when i sent the game to him it was in near mint condition, Same story for Elmo as dad was relocated with jobs that is why i havent been on in quite some time. I did buy wfg a new copy of the game and he offered the 10$ as the difference between the games, i told him it was fine as the trade went on too long and i would send it out when i could. He will receive his game, i will ship it out in 2-3 days when we get comfortable in our new house. I would also like pictures of the game i sent him before as well.