Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by kuriatsu

Scardforlife BTRs5-Aug-2009
Status: active
Aliases: ~scard~, xscardforlifex, Foz Ocampo.
Address: 6423 W. Mclellan Rd. Apt A Glendale, Az. 85301
Reporter: kuriatsu

I accepted this trade on 5-Jul-2009 at 1:23am.
Up until 20-Jul-2009 at 9:09pm, everything seemed to be fine, I was polite, he
was polite, but made a mistake or 2, but after that, I got zero replies, and it
is currently 4-Aug-2009 at 11:43pm Pacific.

It is currently two weeks and 1 day, from when I last was contacted by Scardforlife.
I sent him, a Loose Earthbound on SNES, and a Loose Megaman VII on SNES, for his
(initially $80 plus shipping, $9.53) $110 and Magna Carta, with a water Damaged
cover, and the game disc, that was in good condition.
These two games according to are worth more than $160 together.

I sent the 2 games on: 6-Jul-2009 at 8:05pm
After the 20th, I was slightly worried at the lack of contact, but I waited til
the 25th before attempting contact.

Since then, I have been sending periodic messages to him via the pending trade
menu, every 2 days or so.
Those exact times and messages are:

When Who Message
on 4-Aug-2009 at 2:36am kuriatsu: It has been two weeks now.
If I do not hear from you, within 24 hours I will be issuing a bad trader report.

on 3-Aug-2009 at 12:31am kuriatsu: Its been almost two weeks since we've
Again, whats going on?

on 1-Aug-2009 at 2:24am kuriatsu: Its been 11 days....pretty close to the two
week marker...
Whats going on?
Did you send again?

on 29-Jul-2009 at 10:07pm kuriatsu: I have not heard from you in 9 days, what is
going on?

on 27-Jul-2009 at 3:46pm kuriatsu: I still have not received the package.
Did you send it again?

on 25-Jul-2009 at 1:18am kuriatsu: Did you send it again yet?
I have yet to receive it.

on 20-Jul-2009 at 9:24pm kuriatsu: Its alright, thank you for shipping it next
day delivery and for the extra.
I appreciate it.
I understand, everyone makes mistakes.

From the 31st on, I started looking into Scardforlife.
I found on his profile, plainly set, his Myspace link, initially it said the last
time he was online was the 24th of last month, I kept checking and discovered
that on the 1st of this month (08/01/2009) That he logged into his myspace
account, which leads me to believe that scardforlife is attempting to avoid me,
in order to not pay me.

Unless given a reason otherwise.

I also found that he did this to someone else, under a similar situation, but
neither party had send anything yet.

Due to the above, I am aware he has some form of the internet, and even if he
didn't, he would have no way of not sending out my money by then, as he did
attempt to send out the package before, and sent it to himself by accident.

The Last time his account says he was on was: on 25-Jul-2009 at 11:59am
Scardforlife has marked the package received on his side on: 9-Jul-2009 at 6:34pm,
and marked it sent to himself on: 17-Jul-2009 at 10:04pm with the message of:

Scardforlife I sent on 17-Jul-2009.
yes i did sent it today will post DC number later since i left the dc number in
my car and just let my brother borrow it

There is no excuse for it to take this long, especially, when he said this, as
the last thing I heard from him:

Scardforlife: just came home today pick up the mail and found out that i shipped
the package out to myself by accident so for this im sorry for this im gonna send
$110 instead 80+ shipping . so if you could wait 2 more days i really appreciated
..i will also try my best to send it next day delivery so please i hope you

Being busy is one thing, but 2 weeks is far too much, especially with supposed next day

I looked for his address on 3 sites.,, and
Only 1 of those three actually had ANYTHING on him, and I did not find him.
The closest that I found was on google maps, and it did not look like it fit what
he gave me as his address.

I do have a copy of the label, that was put on the package that was sent to him,
and I do still have the Delivery confirmation ID that was placed on the package.

I will remove this bad trader report, once I receive one of the following.

1.The $110 and Magna Carta.
Or 2. My Games that I sent, in the EXACT same condition from when they were sent to Scardforlife.

I do not want to have to go further than I have, but if this is not resolved, I will have to.

EDIT: Currently it is 4:53 pacific time, on August 26th 2009, I have yet to hear any form of reply.

EDIT2: It is currently 2:31 AM Pacific time, on September 16th, and I have yet to hear any form of reply at all.