Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by tkszeto

buffduff Gold Global Trader (9) BTRs30-Dec-2011
Status: active
Aliases: Brian Duff
Address: 3481 Fred George Rd, Tallahassee FL 32303
Reporter: tkszeto

UPDATE - 14 Feb 2012 - The repayment date of 13 Feb 2012 has passed and I have not received any contact from buffduff again.

UPDATE - 3 Jan 2012 - He pm'd me and let me he was going to resolve this loan. There were things slightly out of his control that happened and he was not able to log on for some time. Hope this will get resolved soon.

I gave buffduff a paypal loan on 10 Oct 2011 and he agreed to pay back $175 USD on 16 Dec 2011. It has been 2 weeks since he was supposed to pay me back and I have not heard back from him (nor has he logged on since 14 Dec) so I am filing a BTR on him. Too bad, I loaned him money before and had no problems. Looks like he has a lot of pending loans, hopefully they get resolved as well as mine.

The BTR will be removed once I receive the amount owed to me.

Note - I sent him two messages before filing this BTR, see below:

-On 17 Dec I sent him the following trade message:
Hey man,

Just checking up on the loan repayment.


-On 25 Dec I sent him the follow PM:
Hey man,

I never heard back from you, but was wondering what's going on with the loan repayment? I understand it's the holdiays, if you are going to be late in repaying, just let me know, I can't stand silence...

I'll wait for the 2 week mark, before filing a btr, but hope to hear from you back before that happens.