Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by gnatforeva

emceeskwaird BTRs17-Jul-2009
Status: active
Aliases: emceeskwaird
Address: 10605 Manoa Ave. Brooklyn ,Ohio 44144
Reporter: gnatforeva

I agreed on a trade with emceeskwaird, his copy of PGR3 (Excellent condition), for my copy of PGR4 (NEW). emceeskwaird had more ratings then I did, so obviously I sent first.

6/18/09 - Final trade agreement was arranged.
6/19/09 - I sent to emceeskwaird with delivery confirmation.
6/22/09 - emceeskwaird has received my copy of PGR4.
6/27/09 - I send a message to emceeskwaird "Have you sent yet? Just wondering, let me know. Thanks1"
6/28/09 - emceeskwaird response, "sorry i didnt get a chance to send out sat....i was 10 min late to the post office...i will be sending in the morning before work and i will post dc # when i get home....sorry again", followed by my confirmation.
7/1/09 - emceeskwaird notes PGR3 as sent with message, "i left my backpack at work with the dc papers in it...i will post them tommorwo after i get home from work"
7/13/09 - Still no DC posted, I ask for status with no response.
7/17/09 - BTR Posted.

I think I have given ample time for this trade to be completed, still with no response, as well as a similar BTR that has popped up during this time. In order for the BTR to be removed, emceeskwaird must either return my copy of PGR4 with a refund of my cost of shipping (3 dollars), complete the trade as promised, or purchase the game from me at a an agreed upon value.