Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Kligh

585adam14 BTRs28-Oct-2009
Status: active
Aliases: Adam Catli
Address: Kissimmee,FL
Reporter: Kligh

He's just a jerk. I sent him his game, after a month he claimed not to get it (even after I checked up at the post office who said he did), I filed a BTR and when I asked how to resolve it he told me to "suck his dick" and that he would just leave gametz. A moderator suggested that I should see it from his side, so I asked him to mail just half of what we agreed I would have gotten in the trade since he "didn't get" his game I sent. He said that sounded good, and about three weeks ago he said he mailed off. It's not here, I know it's not going, he basically told me on AIM i'm not getting it. Just please don't waste time on this guy.

I'll take this away if he mails me my game with delivery confirmation, or sacrifices his first born child in my name.