Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by 1020chase

buffduff Gold Global Trader (9) BTRs27-Jan-2012
Status: active
Aliases: Brian Duff
Address: 3481 Fred George Rd Tallahassee FL 32303
Reporter: 1020chase

UPDATE: 12-19-14 Brian sent me the second installment of $100 today. He now owes $300. BTR will be removed once he pays off original payment.

UPDATE: 11-03-14 Brian has agreed to payoff the $500 original payment. He sent me the first installment of $100 today. He now owes $400. BTR will be removed once he pays off original payment.

I loaned him 500$ on November 10 and he was to pay back 350$ on December 30 and 350$ on January 14. His story for not paying is below. He has not logged on since January 17 and has not contacted me since January 3. I have only emailed him a few minutes ago; hopefully he will reply to it.

**I will delete the BTR when he repays the loan.

on 26-Jan-2012 at 6:52am


you have not logged on for a while...i'm close to filing a BTR...please, lets get this resolved

on 20-Jan-2012 at 9:05pm


No communication worries me. Please let me know something

on 15-Jan-2012 at 5:31pm


how are things?

on 3-Jan-2012 at 8:20pm


good to hear from you...just keep me up to date...

on 3-Jan-2012 at 10:34am


Hey man, sorry for the scare-I was in jail and just got out a few days ago. Somehow, when I moved the post office failed to forward me my mail for my court date and I had to serve time for failing to appear. I haven't been able to call anyone as my phone was cut off while I was in court, though I can still receive calls and texts-just not outgoing ones. It didn't help that I didn't have my cell phone with me when I was arrested so I didn't have any way of calling my friends to bail me out for a while. I managed to keep my job for now, though I'm not getting paid for the time I was there so things are pretty hectic right now. I'm back now and will work to resolve all of the remaining issues.

on 2-Jan-2012 at 10:17am


i assume you've ran into some financial problems...please communicate with me

on 10-Nov-2011 at 10:12am


Got it-thanks!

on 10-Nov-2011 at 10:11am


I have received.

on 10-Nov-2011 at 10:03am


I sent on 10-Nov-2011.
please confirm that you have received

on 10-Nov-2011 at 10:02am


buffduff's address:

Brian Duff
3481 Fred George Rd
Tallahassee FL 32303

on 10-Nov-2011 at 10:02am


1020chase's address:

Chase McCormick
1065 Lakeview Drive Apt 178
Shelbyville, KY 40065

on 10-Nov-2011 at 10:02am


Pending trade created.
Offer Accepted
i understand and didn't even think about that, sorry...i will send the money on over

on 10-Nov-2011 at 9:59am


1020chase gets: Loan repay
1020chase gets: 350$ gifted paypal on December 30th and 350$ gifted paypal on January 14th

buffduff gets: Loan
buffduff gets: 500$ gifted paypal

Counter-Offer (pre-accepted)
500 paypal for 700 repay to be paid on two dates:


Sorry, I prefer not to make my loan amounts public if possible, especially since this site is viewable by non-members. I hope this won't be an issue.

If this is all satisfactory you can send payment to Thanks!

on 10-Nov-2011 at 9:56am


Offer Created

GamerGudda88 BTRs28-Nov-2010
Status: active
Aliases: Christopher Jones Jr
Address: 110 Ravenhill Rd Phoenixville,PA 19460
Reporter: 1020chase

I bought Fallout New Vegas (PS3) for $37.50 gifted paypal and I wanted to have it to play over my Thanksgiving break...The seller said he shipped it to the wrong place the first time, so I asked for a refund instead of the game...The seller said he would send me a refund...I have messaged the seller multiple times over the last five days and he has logged onto the site, so he has seen the messages...Below is all the conversation that took place between us on the trade page...

I will remove the BTR once I get a refund...

on 28-Nov-2010 at 12:32pm 1020chase please communicate with me, i dont want to leave you a BTR but i will be forced to if i dont hear from you the next time you log on
on 26-Nov-2010 at 9:53am 1020chase please send a refund by tomorrow
on 23-Nov-2010 at 5:20pm 1020chase okay, just let me know when you have sent
on 23-Nov-2010 at 5:19pm GamerGudda88 Alright that's cool. I'll send you your refund asap. Sorry about this.
on 23-Nov-2010 at 3:55pm 1020chase let me know what you're planning on doing since you're on here right now

on 23-Nov-2010 at 12:32pm 1020chase honestly, at this point, i would prefer a refund...i was going to complete it over my thanksgiving break because i am going to get gran turismo 5 and donkey kong returns for my christmas break...since i didnt get fallout for my thanksgiving break, i really wont have much use for it...please just give me a refund and ill leave all excellent ratings and i will have no hard feelings...
on 23-Nov-2010 at 11:33am GamerGudda88 I think I sent to the wrong address & I got it today in the mail. I'll send it asap with DC this time.
on 23-Nov-2010 at 11:32am GamerGudda88 I think I sent to the wrong address & I got it today in the mail. I'll send it asap with DC this time.
on 23-Nov-2010 at 9:20am 1020chase still no game
on 22-Nov-2010 at 9:26am 1020chase shipping should be shipped

on 22-Nov-2010 at 9:25am 1020chase if you can show me a receipt showing that you shipping, i will assume the po lost it...if you cant, i would like a mail will run around 2pm today, so ill let you know if i get it
on 21-Nov-2010 at 12:07pm GamerGudda88 The game was definitley sent. If it doesnt show up by Monday I'll send your money back.
on 21-Nov-2010 at 10:06am 1020chase contact me the next time you are on or i will file a btr
on 19-Nov-2010 at 8:11pm 1020chase i still havent received the game...lmk whats up
on 10-Nov-2010 at 10:49pm GamerGudda88 No prob man. Happy early B day. :)
on 10-Nov-2010 at 10:47pm 1020chase thanks for shipping so quick; my bday is sunday and that would be a sweet gift to myself
on 10-Nov-2010 at 10:43pm GamerGudda88 I sent on 10-Nov-2010.

on 10-Nov-2010 at 10:43pm GamerGudda88 I have received.
on 10-Nov-2010 at 1:19pm 1020chase I sent on 10-Nov-2010.