Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by MrsTronne

Azn17vp BTRs28-Aug-2003
Status: active
Address: 10508 226th Ave SE Kent WA, 98031
Reporter: MrsTronne

Me and Vuca agreed to trade my Zelda Ocriana of time bonus disc for his Final Fantasy Anthology. I sent my game August 18th, and Delvery conformation shows it was sent August 20th. He said he didnt get it until the 22nd which was a lie. Even still I kept asking him if he sent he said yes he sent it the 23rd I asked for DC # and he never responded. I emailed him even more times and he never responded to them at all, and today he canceled the trade without saying anything. I have not heard from him since through email or on the chat so hes running from me.

I just want my game in the condition he promised or my game back as I sent it, if he does not respond to me within a few days I will call Mail Fraud and use all my time to make sure this is settled.