Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by JAYWEE_POWER

ibazan BTRs23-Oct-2000
Status: active
Aliases: ibazan

Issac and I had a trade back in August. We made a deal that I would give him NFL Blitz (new) for Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (used). I shipped the game by priority mail and he got it in three days. He said that he would send the game the next day, four days later NO GAME. I was very patient after that. So I emailed him asking him when he "sent" the game and how long they said it would take to get here. He emailed me back and told me it would take 10-15 days and he sent it on Saturday! Two weeks later I still have NO GAME and it sucks to get ripped off so don't trade with him because he is slow as hell and he is a LIAR!!!!!!!
warning You have 3 days to send my game! warning